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UKCC Megafinal: Museum of Childhood Under 7-8

Last update 25.05.2019 17:04:29, Creator/Last Upload: alexholowczak

Starting rank

1Soulier Alfred319434ENG77U08Riverhouse Montessori
2Hatem Mika312708ENG70U08South West Chess
3Neri Marco320259ENG66U07Blackheath Prep School
4Rosselli Lucas315412ENG35U07Blackheath Prep School
5Malus Sean307355ENG25U08Barnet Knights
6Simmons Jayden307913ENG22U08Barnet Knights
7Ahmed Rayyan1ENG0U08Clara Grant Primary School
8Bentata Lucette14ENG0wU8Annemount School
9Butterworth Henry21ENG0U08Cameron House
10Camacho Kenzo24ENG0U08Montpelier Primary School
11Fitzhardinge Maya31ENG0wU08North London Collegiate
12Hanache Kai33ENG0U07La Petite Ecole Francaise Chess Clu
13Jayakumar Bharath0ENG0U08Harrow Chess Club
14Jenkins Tom40ENG0U07St Pauls Ce Primary School Nw3 3ds
15Li Alexandra46ENG0wU07North London Collegiate School
16Menger Sohan50ENG0U08Bancrofts School
17Offerhaus Leander319534ENG0U08Kings College School
18Okada Maya322499ENG0wU07Newton Prep
19Olaniyan Precious Leticia0ENG0U07St Joachilms Primary School
20Ottosson Axel60ENG0U08Fulham Prep
21Pandey Drishaan62ENG0U07Haberdashers Askes Boys School Elst
22Parker Elson63ENG0U08Gallions Primary
23Patel Ryan317950ENG0U07Harrow Chess Club
24Philogene Calvin321027ENG0U08St Joachims Primary School
25Ray Summer69ENG0wU08Bancrofts School
26Sen Maya79ENG0wU08Haberdashers Askes School For Girls
27Shah Mahi81ENG0wU08Nlcs
28Strutt Violet89ENG0wU07Annemount School
29Ukingim Noah92ENG0U08Blackheath Prep
30Vannpoletti Isla94ENG0wU08Queensbridge Primary
31Williams Frank95ENG0U08Bancrofts Prep School