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Huddersfield Open 2019

Last update 27.05.2019 15:21:19, Creator/Last Upload: huddersfield chess (nigel hepworth)

Starting rank

1McPhillips JosephENG233
2Han YichenENG205
3Jaunooby AliENG199
4Surtees MikeENG199
5Starley RobertENG195
6Shaw PeterENG193
7Ackley PeterENG192
8Burnett JimENG189
9Hopkins PhilENG189
10Sucikova SvetlanaENG187
11Keely LeoENG184
12Arnott JonathanENG183
13Newton RobertENG178
14Nicholson JimENG178
15Burke MitchellENG177
16Dannenberg JamesENG177
17Keely RogerENG174
18Hepworth PeterENG172
19Vickery JimENG170
20Hilton TimENG168
21Ilett RaymondENG168
22Broughton DanielENG166
23Burns MartinENG166
24Whitehead MarkENG166
25Patrick DavidENG157
26Harris MarkENG154
27Hamilton SelwynENG134
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