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Last update 07.02.2011 04:10:11, Creator/Last Upload: malaysian chess federation

Final Ranking crosstable after 7 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Nik Ahmad Farouqi1914MAS 63w1 5b1 81w1 8b1 10w1 2b½ 13w16,533,029,7527,0
2Syed Azizi Abdul Rahman1788MAS 82w1 57b1 31w1 19b1 6w1 1w½ 3b16,531,528,2527,0
3Mohd Amin Mohd Noor1654MAS 65w1 28b1 12w1 4b1 13w1 10b1 2w06,034,528,0027,0
4Baharuddin Hamzah1533MAS 76b1 38w1 15b1 3w0 16b1 20w1 17b16,032,026,0024,0
5Wan Mohamad Amirul Wan Mohamad Y1324MAS 30b1 1w0 39b1 54w1 23b1 11w1 21b16,031,525,0022,0
6Mohamad Bukhari Yahya1529MAS 41w1 44b1 9w1 45b1 2b0 14w1 7b½5,533,524,2524,5
7Noor Hisyam Ahayat1538MAS 48w1 46b1 35w1 13b0 12w1 9b1 6w½5,531,523,7523,5
8Muhammad Ariez Azman1605MAS 74b1 58w1 27b1 1w0 37b1 21w½ 24b15,529,020,2523,0
9Mohd Ezmi Mahmood0MAS 24b1 17w1 6b0 27w1 18b1 7w0 33b15,033,522,5021,0
10Mohd Azizul Mat Daud1672MAS 96b1 22w1 18b1 20w1 1b0 3w0 37b15,031,519,0023,0
11Izuddin Ahayat1589MAS 32w1 16b0 25w1 46b1 31w1 5b0 36w15,031,020,0020,0
12Wan Mohd Adli Wan Mohd Yusof1358MAS 43b1 14w1 3b0 76w1 7b0 38w1 30b15,031,019,5020,0
13Nik Mohd Nazri Nik Hasan1789MAS 97b1 36w1 21b1 7w1 3b0 33w1 1b05,031,018,5024,0
14Zurayus Azrul Ismail0MAS -1 12b0 32w1 58w1 25b1 6b0 31w15,029,519,0020,0
15Sanusi Muhamad0MAS 26w1 29b1 4w0 22w0 74b1 47w1 27b15,029,018,5019,0
16Muhamad Faiz Zakaria1256MAS 84b1 11w1 19w0 67b1 4w0 34b1 29w15,028,518,0020,0
17Laila Husna Sahadi1394MAS 75w1 9b0 83w1 62b1 30w1 19b1 4w05,027,016,0021,0
18Alif Omar Mohd Saufi1405MAS 56w1 62b1 10w0 55b1 9w0 46b1 28w15,026,516,5020,0
19Sahadi Ismail1545MAS 39b1 64w1 16b1 2w0 22b1 17w0 20b½4,532,518,7521,5
20Wan Mohamad Aqli Wan Mohamad Yus1214MAS 49w1 26b1 33w1 10b0 29w1 4b0 19w½4,531,518,2521,5
21Ahmad Zulhilmi Sahadi1440MAS 66w1 55b1 13w0 35b1 28w1 8b½ 5w04,530,516,7521,0
22Najihah Mohd Saufi1286MAS 52w1 10b0 56w1 15b1 19w0 54b1 23b½4,528,516,7518,5
23Mohd Zaki Mohd Yusoff1466MAS 83w1 35b0 41w1 59b1 5w0 58b1 22w½4,526,514,2518,5
24Mohd Rezal Che Man1553MAS 9w0 75b1 48w1 37w½ 81b1 45b1 8w04,526,013,5018,0
25Azudin Abdullah1476MAS 61b1 47w½ 11b0 57w1 14w0 75b1 45w14,525,513,7517,0
26Abdul Syukur Zainuddin0MAS 15b0 20w0 40b½ 90w1 71b1 52w1 57w14,524,513,0012,5
27Siti Nur Afiqah Mohd Haslam1366MAS 77w1 34b1 8w0 9b0 48w1 35b1 15w04,029,514,0018,0
Muhamad Izani Mohd Tarizi1283MAS 40b1 3w0 61b1 60w1 21b0 43w1 18b04,029,514,0018,0
29Mohd Hafiz Mohd Noor1398MAS 69b1 15w0 47b1 42w1 20b0 59w1 16b04,028,013,5018,0
30Nik Azhan Mat Tahir0MAS 5w0 82b1 72w1 36w1 17b0 68b1 12w04,028,012,0017,0
31Fatih Nor Sahariah Abd Jalil1383MAS 54b1 60w1 2b0 74w1 11b0 64w1 14b04,028,011,5019,0
32Mohammad Saiful Adli Muhd Othman0MAS 11b0 40w1 14b0 50w1 60b1 36w0 68b14,027,513,5014,0
33Zainal Abidin Mat Noor1449MAS 85b1 42w1 20b0 64w1 38b1 13b0 9w04,027,513,0020,0
34Nik Nur Najmina Nik Mohd Azrihan0MAS 68b1 27w0 38b0 39w1 42b1 16w0 64b14,027,014,0015,0
35Mohd Fadhil Mohd Saufi1068MAS 78b1 23w1 7b0 21w0 56b1 27w0 66b14,027,013,0017,0
36Muhammad Nursyafiq Yahya1309MAS 92w1 13b0 66w1 30b0 41w1 32b1 11b04,026,512,5017,0
37Mohd Syazwan Mohd Zin1337MAS 70w1 86b1 45w½ 24b½ 8w0 65b1 10w04,026,512,0019,5
38Mohamad Hilmey Rosli1046MAS 80w1 4b0 34w1 81b1 33w0 12b0 54w14,026,511,5017,0
39Mohd Fhaqimie Mohamad Shukri0MAS 19w0 73b1 5w0 34b0 78w1 89b1 58w14,025,010,5012,0
40Nik Nur Najihah Nik Mohd Azrihan0MAS 28w0 32b0 26w½ 80b1 53w1 55b½ 65w14,024,512,7511,5
41Muhamad Deraman0MAS 6b0 88w1 23b0 51w1 36b0 86w1 59b14,024,510,5013,0
42Amir Faizal Saupi0MAS 91w1 33b0 51w1 29b0 34w0 56b1 60w14,023,011,0015,0
43Muhammad Ridhuan Mad Nazi0MAS 12w0 63b0 91w1 82b1 49w1 28b0 55w14,022,010,0013,0
44Wan Nur Farzana Wan Rozuhan1137MAS 94b1 6w0 54b0 56w0 92b1 69w1 61b14,020,59,0013,0
45Norazlin Juarih1561MAS 71b1 59w1 37b½ 6w0 47b1 24w0 25b03,528,011,5018,5
46Nik Zulhisyam Zulkifli1200MAS 88b1 7w0 85b1 11w0 61b1 18w0 48b½3,526,08,7515,5
47Ahmad Syafiq Ahmad Tarmizi0MAS 89w1 25b½ 29w0 52b1 45w0 15b0 75w13,525,010,2515,0
48Mohd Hamdan Yusoff0MAS 7b0 84w1 24b0 95w1 27b0 88w1 46w½3,523,07,2512,5
49Aznira Hanoon Noor Azmi0MAS 20b0 54w0 84b1 69w1 43b0 50w½ 77b13,522,59,2511,0
50Nik Muhammad Irfan Nik Arif Hazn0MAS 57w0 65b1 55w0 32b0 72w1 49b½ 79w13,522,010,2511,0
51Nur Aziean Azmi0MAS 59b0 71w1 42b0 41b0 63w1 74w½ 76b13,522,09,7511,0
52Nik Norhazwani Nik Shamshudin0MAS 22b0 96w½ 93b1 47w0 67w1 26b0 74b13,520,57,5012,0
53Tuan Nur Amira Tuan Mat0MAS 79b0 90w1 74b0 96w½ 40b0 80b1 81w+3,516,06,5011,0
54Muhammad Fathur Firdaus Ismail0MAS 31w0 49b1 44w1 5b0 62w1 22w0 38b03,029,010,5014,0
55Aimi Aqilah Mohamad0MAS 87b1 21w0 50b1 18w0 75b½ 40w½ 43b03,025,58,7514,5
56Muhammad Alham Zuhri Zamri0MAS 18b0 87w1 22b0 44b1 35w0 42w0 86b13,025,58,0011,0
57Muhammad Azmanizam Azmi1305MAS 50b1 2w0 76b0 25b0 84w1 85w1 26b03,025,57,5012,0
58Nik Muhammad Haziq Najmuddin1254MAS 95w1 8b0 77w1 14b0 83w1 23w0 39b03,025,06,0015,0
59Nik Syazwan Asyraf Mat1146MAS 51w1 45b0 70w1 23w0 85b1 29b0 41w03,024,58,5015,0
60Siti Aisyah Ibrahim0MAS 72w1 31b0 63w1 28b0 32w0 83b+ 42b03,024,08,0014,0
61Muhamad Firdaus Mohd Rozi0MAS 25w0 89b1 28w0 73b1 46w0 67b1 44w03,024,08,0012,0
62Ashraf Iqbal Anuar0MAS 67b1 18w0 86b1 17w0 54b0 77w½ 70b½3,023,57,7513,5
63Che Mazli Hasbulah Che Mat0MAS 1b0 43w1 60b0 70w0 51b0 92w1 88b13,023,57,509,0
64Nik Nur Nadzirah Nik Azrihan1127MAS 73w1 19b0 92w1 33b0 77w1 31b0 34w03,023,57,0015,0
65Mohamad Syazwan Zamri0MAS 3b0 50w0 94b1 92w1 70b1 37w0 40b03,023,56,0012,0
66Muhammad Aiman Mohd Zaki0MAS 21b0 78w1 36b0 68b0 73w1 81w+ 35w03,023,07,5011,0
67Syafawani Roslan0MAS 62w0 -1 79b1 16w0 52b0 61w0 85b13,022,58,0012,0
68Fariz Hakimi Yahya1261MAS 34w0 77b0 96b1 66w1 76b1 30w0 32w03,021,06,5012,0
69Muhammad Alif Faisal Nafi0MAS 29w0 72b0 89w1 49b0 87w1 44b0 82w13,020,56,009,0
70Muhammad Syahiirullah Abdu Aziz0MAS 37b0 93w1 59b0 63b1 65w0 79b½ 62w½3,020,07,2511,5
71Mohd Amirul Nizam Mohd Asri0MAS 45w0 51b0 73w0 89b1 26w0 95b1 87w13,020,05,507,0
72Ahmad Hasimi Ab Rahim0MAS 60b0 69w1 30b0 75w0 50b0 90w1 84b13,019,56,509,0
73Nuratul Aini Billah Kamaruzaman0MAS 64b0 39w0 71b1 61w0 66b0 97w1 83b+3,018,55,508,0
74Mohamad Zakwan Billah Kamarul Za0MAS 8w0 95b1 53w1 31b0 15w0 51b½ 52w02,526,56,7512,0
75Muhammad Fahmi Haron0MAS 17b0 24w0 78b1 72b1 55w½ 25w0 47b02,526,07,0010,5
76Muhamad Amirul Ahmad0MAS 4w0 80b1 57w1 12b0 68w0 78b½ 51w02,525,56,7512,0
77Muhammad Khairul Ikmal Mohd Lazi0MAS 27b0 68w1 58b0 79w1 64b0 62b½ 49w02,522,07,0011,0
78Nurul Akma Mohamad Rani0MAS 35w0 66b0 75w0 -1 39b0 76w½ 90b12,521,06,256,0
79Atikah Syamihah Hj Muhd0MAS 53w1 81b0 67w0 77b0 95b1 70w½ 50b02,519,06,5011,0
80Rozila Abdullah0MAS 38b0 76w0 90b½ 40w0 97b1 53w0 96b12,517,02,256,5
81Mohamad Mat Isa1440MAS 90b1 79w1 1b0 38w0 24w0 66b- 53b-2,025,54,0013,0
82Kang Lip Wee0MAS 2b0 30w0 88b1 43w0 86b0 91w1 69b02,023,03,507,0
83Muhamad Izwan Rosli0MAS 23b0 94w1 17b0 86w1 58b0 60w- 73w-2,022,03,5010,0
84Nor Adibah Zaudin0MAS 16w0 48b0 49w0 91b1 57b0 96w1 72w02,020,52,506,0
85Muhammad Afiq Aliyuddin Ibrahim0MAS 33w0 91b1 46w0 87b1 59w0 57b0 67w02,020,03,5010,0
86Sayuti Busu0MAS 93b1 37w0 62w0 83b0 82w1 41b0 56w02,019,53,5010,0
87Siti Nor Shahira Muhamad0MAS 55w0 56b0 -1 85w0 69b0 94w1 71b02,019,05,007,0
88Nor Syafiqah Che Hassan0MAS 46w0 41b0 82w0 93w1 96b1 48b0 63w02,018,52,507,0
89Siti Hilwanis Hashim0MAS 47b0 61w0 69b0 71w0 93b1 39w0 97b12,018,52,004,0
90Muhammad Aiman Syahin Bukery0MAS 81w0 53b0 80w½ 26b0 94w1 72b0 78w01,519,52,755,5
91Siti Norhafikah Mohd Nor0MAS 42b0 85w0 43b0 84w0 -1 82b0 93w½1,519,04,253,5
92Nik Mazni Nik Wan0MAS 36b0 97w1 64b0 65b0 44w0 63b0 95w½1,519,01,256,5
93Adlin Shaflina Azizo0MAS 86w0 70b0 52w0 88b0 89w0 -1 91b½1,517,54,252,5
94Nur Syadhiyah Md Yusoff0MAS 44w0 83b0 65w0 97w½ 90b0 87b0 -11,516,53,753,0
95Nor Suhada Rusdi0MAS 58b0 74w0 97b1 48b0 79w0 71w0 92b½1,516,51,255,5
96Mardhiyatul Maryam Abd Aziz0MAS 10w0 52b½ 68w0 53b½ 88w0 84b0 80w01,021,53,505,0
97Fatin Syafiqah Mohd Azmi0MAS 13w0 92b0 95w0 94b½ 80w0 73b0 89w00,517,00,752,0

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable
Tie Break3: Fide Tie-Break

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