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J/H Blixt-DM 2019 del 2

Senast uppdaterad16.05.2019 20:42:42, Creator/Last Upload: jamt-chess

Korstabell efter 7 ronder

Plac.NamnRatingNation12345678Poäng TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Zackrisson Sune0SWE*½1111116,50,0618,75
2Wik Bo0SWE½*1101115,50,0516,25
3Johansson Henrik0SWE00*111014,01,0410,00
4Wik Per-Jonas0SWE000*11114,00,048,00
5Karlsson Stefan0SWE0100*1013,00,038,50
6Oberg Bengt0SWE00000*112,01,023,00
7Sahlin Axel0SWE001010*02,00,027,00
8Henriksson Marie0SWE0000001*1,00,012,00

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: The greater number of victories (variable)
Tie Break3: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable

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