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San Isidro-Categoria Avanzados -Sabado 6-4-2019- 12+3

Last update 16.05.2019 00:22:53, Creator/Last Upload: asprelli

Starting rank

1Asprelli Gaspar165891ARG2008
2Rojo Lynch Enrique112216ARG1821
3Barroso Andres182982ARG1518
4Zullo Luca154172ARG1335
5Acosta Juan ManuelARG0
6Cacceone EnriqueARG0
7Fernandez LuisARG0
8Monaco LuisARG0
9Petrinca DiegoARG0
10Roni EstebanARG0
11Rossi Ivan145629ARG0
12Rossi LuciaARG0
13Ruiz OsvaldoARG0
14Silvyera JavierARG0