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Torneo Distrital de Ajedrez Rápido (Cerrado) Bquilla

Last update 20.05.2019 01:07:14, Creator/Last Upload: aborre

Player info

NameRuiz Eder
Starting rank17
Rating national0
Rating international0
Performance rating1762
Year of birth 1900


188Viloria Daniel1854ATLParque Centenario6,0w 1
288Viloria Daniel1854ATLParque Centenario6,0s 1
341Caballero William2038ATL6,5s 0
441Caballero William2038ATL6,5w 0
547Obregon Meza Carlos Arturo1880ATL9,5s 0
647Obregon Meza Carlos Arturo1880ATL9,5w ½
7710Benitez Peinado Eder1715MAGCentro de Ajedrez Barranquilla2,5w 1
8710Benitez Peinado Eder1715MAGCentro de Ajedrez Barranquilla2,5s 1
9519Ferrer Wilmer Vladimir1500MET6,0w 1
10519Ferrer Wilmer Vladimir1500MET6,0s 0
1159Salazar Martinez Angel Daniel1756VENGrandes Maestros7,5s 0
1259Salazar Martinez Angel Daniel1756VENGrandes Maestros7,5w 0