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2019 Chinese chess championship (Men)

Last update 22.05.2019 11:33:16, Creator/Last Upload: rongjiu wang

Starting rank list of players

12GMZhao Jun8602522CHN2621
2GMLu Shanglei8603332CHN2606
6GMBai Jinshi8602280CHN2605
3GMWen Yang8602956CHN2602
10GMXu Xiangyu8608288CHN2583
11IMXu Yi8605564CHN2546
7GMXu Yinglun8604940CHN2528
1GMLi Shilong8600678CHN2507
5GMLiu Yan8608962CHN2502
8GMXu Jun8600031CHN2487
9Peng Xiongjian8610550CHN2451
4Zhao Yuanhe8609497CHN2437