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2019-ANTRON Pasxalino O.FI.S

Last update 05.05.2019 19:54:46, Creator/Last Upload: cyprus chess federation

Starting rank

1Martidis Alkis5900018CYP2135Nicosia Chess Club
2Melas Renos5900166CYP2062Nicosia Chess Club
3Aristotelous Vassilis5900468CYP1892Limassol Chess Club
4Bryan Mark5900638CYP1821Nicosia Chess Club
5Evangelides Kypros5900808CYP1744Nicosia Chess Club
6Kourouyiannis Fivos5900417CYP1743Nicosia Chess Club
7Human Norman5905818CYP1680O.FI.S
8Markides Markellos5903521CYP1505O.Fi.S.
9Uliniuc Ionut5905346CYP1487O.Fi.S.
10Antoniou Rafail5904390CYP1445Nicosia Chess Club
11Karathymios Konstantinos5904218CYP1434O.Fi.S.
12Sarrus Iakovos5905389CYP1410O.Fi.S.
13Biolkini Alexandr5903356CYP1300Limassol Chess Club
14Panayiotou MichalisCYP1300
15Kirkos Andreas5904927CYP1251O.Fi.S.
16Sideras StavrosCYP1200
17Skourides LambrosCYP1150