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2019-Neaniko Pasxalino O.FI.S

Last update 05.05.2019 12:35:56, Creator/Last Upload: cyprus chess federation

Starting rank

1Sokolova VictoriaCYP1393Limassol
2Kyriakides AndreasCYP1300Arion
3Loyides MichalisCYP1200O.FI
4Epifaniou GiorgosCYP1100Strovolos
5Rousos StavrosCYP1000Nisou
6Fanaris CharisCYP0Strovolos
7Kaniklides VasilisCYP0O.FI.S
8Konstantinides AndreasCYP0Arion
9Lavrishchev MatveiCYP0Paphos
10Marin RompertCYP0O.FI.S
11Pafites ChristosCYP0Arion
12Sarrou KonstantinosCYP0O.FI.S
14xenofontos PanosCYP0O.FI.S
15Zeilaa PetrosCYP0Strovolos