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Allegiance to Zayed Chess Tournament 2019

Last update 12.05.2019 21:23:11, Creator/Last Upload: ia abdulrahim mahdi

Player overview for MDA

2GMIordachescu Viorel2670MDA1111½½½½17,0320-4,00

Results of the last round for MDA

Rd.Bo.No. NameFEDRtgPts. ResultPts. NameFEDRtg No.
GMIordachescu ViorelMDA26706 1 - 06 Rayes Abdul KaderSYR2138

Player details for MDA

GM Iordachescu Viorel 2670 MDA Rp:2392 Pts. 7,0
174Alzaid Zaid1233KUW4,5s 1202,20
242Al Namas Kanan1588JOR6,0w 1202,20
322IMSultan Ibrahim2041UAE6,0s 1202,20
49IMAl Qudaimi Basheer2438YEM7,0w 1204,20
55GMArencibia Rodriguez Walter2538CUB7,0s ½20-3,60
67GMGrivas Efstratios2471GRE6,5w ½20-5,20
71GMSargissian Gabriel2694ARM7,5s ½200,60
810IMEl Adnani Mokliss2403MAR7,0w ½20-6,40
915Rayes Abdul Kader2138SYR6,0w 1202,20