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22nd European Team Chess Championship 2019 Open

Last update 02.11.2019 15:17:32, Creator/Last Upload: georgian chess federation

Team-Composition without round-results

  4. Azerbaijan (RtgAvg:2679 / TB1: 11 / TB2: 197,5) Captain: Sideifzade Fikret
1GMMamedyarov Shakhriyar2767AZE134013193,57,02669
2GMNaiditsch Arkadij2643AZE46508914,08,02643
3GMMamedov Rauf2645AZE134016535,08,02647
4GMGuseinov Gadir2660AZE134013786,09,02709
5GMSafarli Eltaj2593AZE134021292,04,02504