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12th Annual K. Asrian Memorial

Last update 21.06.2019 13:34:22, Creator/Last Upload: chess house

Player overview for EST

5GMKulaots Kaido2574EST11½½011016,01310-13,80

Results of the last round for EST

Rd.Bo.No. NamePts. ResultPts. Name No.
GMKulaots Kaido5 1 - 05 Akopov Roman

Player details for EST

GM Kulaots Kaido 2574 EST Rp:2400 Pts. 6,0
153Arakelyan Nare1927ARM3,0w 10,890,11101,10
230WIMGhukasyan Siranush2255ARM6,0s 10,870,13101,30
314IMDavtyan Artur2431ARM5,5w ½0,69-0,1910-1,90
417GMChibukhchian Artur2374ARM6,5s ½0,76-0,2610-2,60
521FMGharibyan Mamikon2320ARM6,0w 00,81-0,8110-8,10
634Shmavonyan Areg2180ARM5,0s 10,890,11101,10
718Sargsyan Tigran R.2367ARM6,0w 10,770,23102,30
820IMVardanian Haik G.2357ARM6,5s 00,78-0,7810-7,80
929Akopov Roman2264ARM5,0w 10,860,14101,40
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