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Group F - ACO World Amateur Chess Championship Rhodes 2019

Last update 28.04.2019 22:51:00, Creator/Last Upload: amateur chess organization

Starting rank

1Waegeli GilbertSUI1399
2Peschk Kathrin12921580GER1394
3Mulder Ben1046640NED1393
4Wagner Julia16259351GER1383
5Hirt Benjamin1340492SUI1375
6Sidler AlainSUI1365
7Rouw Cees1046659NED1359
8Montanari Laura Hadewig2870334ITA1355
9Udry Luc1335510SUI1355
10Schmid Luzius1335367SUI1352
11Jahn HelgeGER1350
12Forsth Leif Runar1522400NOR1345
13Fernandez-Greschner ThomasGER1341
14Helal Hazem10639926EGY1340
15Wehrli Mauro1342886SUI1323
16Batschelet ErnstSUI1302
17Buehler DominicSUI1294
18Fellmuth Rainer16222253GER1293
19Schulze Luenern HeinrichGER1289
20Salwasser Andrej16239318GER1287
21Ganses Monique225061BEL1285
22Petry Joachim16213211GER1277
23De Hoop Roel1063391NED1258
24Pfarrer MorrisSUI1245
25Limper Cornelia16212452GER1240
26Schlaepfer LisanneSUI1240
27Schroeter DirkGER1240
28Buehler Nicolas1342860SUI1226
29Freimann Georg1342894SUI1226
30Ochedzan Filip21892610POL1216
31Vermehren Nicolas5905010CYP1210
32Lippert Marc16239717GER1201
33Sacherer Karl1666487AUT1095
34Rubert Mireille1045920NED1027
35Ashwin Anjana25781456IND0
36Kaemmerling UlrichGER0
37Fromm VincentSUI0