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Crossroads Open Chess Championship Elite

Last update 28.04.2019 18:49:37, Creator/Last Upload: South African Chess Fed. (Licence 76)

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Starting rank

1IMKobese WatuRSA2370
2Willenberg CraigRSA2090
3FMBhawoodien ShabierRSA2060
4PMAmini DaudRSA2050
5PMAguirre BryanRSA1990
6FMAgulhas KeeganRSA1986
7Rahman WaliRSA1946
8Goredema DioneRSA1869
9Salimu ReubenRSA1827
10CMFlores Bartoli AndrewRSA1784
11Felix EthonRSA1770
12Fredericks MalcolmRSA1718
13Felix DevonRSA1674
14Olkers LleytonRSA1648