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Sochi 2019 GM

Last update 25.05.2019 13:33:36, Creator/Last Upload: archibaldchess intl.

Starting rank list of players

7GMKorneev Oleg4156803ESP2530
5IMBelyakov Bogdan24104795RUS2460
6IMDavtyan Artur13308327ARM2430
4IMOganian Miran4122488RUS2415
3Vastrukhin Oleg4192770RUS2404
9GMSimantsev Mikhail14104555UKR2373
1GMBatyrov Sapar14000237TKM2371
10FMMartinovici Ilie13907034MDA2367
2FMZakaryan David24101923RUS2350
8Gharagyozyan Artur13303279ARM2321