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2019 Zambia Closed Chess Championships - Open Section

Last update 23.04.2019 07:19:07, Creator/Last Upload: zambia chess-federation

Final Ranking crosstable after 8 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 Rp
1Masango Spencer2099ZIM 81w1 68b1 69w1 15b1 20w1 11w1 12b1 6w18,00,0837,52847
2Chikuse Leslie2144ZAM 93b1 33w0 44b1 16w1 24b1 30w1 11b½ 14w16,50,0637,52265
3IMChumfwa Kelvin2226ZAM 68w0 72b1103w1 26b1 15w1 34b½ 32w1 17b16,50,0634,52212
4Mulenga Prince Daniel2252ZAM 36b0102w1 37b1 61w1 22b½ 71w1 20b1 12w16,50,0634,02222
5IMPhiri Richmond2297ZAM 39w1 62b½ 52b1 21w½ 53b1 20w½ 31b1 11w16,50,0537,02281
6FMMunenga Douglas D2335ZAM 35w1 54b1 30w0 69b1 8w1 7b1 13w1 1b06,00,0642,02242
7CMGondwe Kondwani Maxwell2128ZAM 56b0 76w1 46b1 25w1 21b1 6w0 33b1 24w16,00,0638,02147
8CMMwenya Oscar2106ZAM 27b1 52w0 57b1 42w1 6b0 35w1 28b1 23w16,00,0638,02039
9Nkhuwa Joshua2048ZAM 90b1100w1 11b0 51w1 23b0 37w1 53b1 49w16,00,0633,52027
10Daka Justin2193ZAM 45b1 16w1 24b0 33w1 19b½ 22w½ 30b1 27w16,00,0540,02169
11Kaoma Micheal2128ZAM 94w1 73b1 9w1 30b1 13w1 1b0 2w½ 5b05,50,0543,02201
12CMDimba James2075ZAM 72w½ 87b1 50w1 18b1 14b1 17w1 1w0 4b05,50,0542,02026
13FMMusonda Chola2080ZAM 58b1 42w1 33b1 31w1 11b0 23w1 6b0 22w½5,50,0539,52193
14Kabwe Timothy2245ZAM 37w1 79b1 74w1 17b½ 12w0 38b1 34w1 2b05,50,0538,02164
15Kantalamba Mushota2060ZAM108b1101w1 23b1 1w0 3b0 42w½ 35b1 36w15,50,0537,52074
16Siuluta Arnold1952ZAM104w1 10b0 82w1 2b0 41w1 50b½ 70w1 34b15,50,0535,51853
17Katowa Kennedy2083ZAM 85w1103b1 61b1 14w½ 43b1 12b0 49w1 3w05,50,0535,02182
18Mwape Dennis1991ZAM 89w1 48b½ 71b1 12w0 40b0 93w1 46b1 31w15,50,0532,52025
19Mwape William2050ZAM 96w1 82b1 31b0100w1 10w½ 49b0 68w1 38b15,50,0532,02038
20Zulu Thomas2119ZAM 41w1 38b1 55w+ 24w1 1b0 5b½ 4w0 50b15,50,0444,02023
21Chola Midosantos2014ZAM 59w1 50b½ 62w1 5b½ 7w0 70b½ 63w1 32b15,50,0437,01905
22Kaulule Siame Kela2087ZAM100b0108w1 41b1101w1 4w½ 10b½ 51w1 13b½5,50,0434,51951
23CMNyambe Maketo2151ZAM 63w1 26b1 15w0 80b1 9w1 13b0 29w1 8b05,00,0539,51967
24Luambula Humphrey2069ZAM 95w1 70b1 10w1 20b0 2w0 73b1 48w1 7b05,00,0537,52113
25Tembo Osward1923ZAM 88w1 32b0 75w1 7b0100w1 48b0 57w1 51b15,00,0532,51732
26Makoba Joseph1919ZAM106b1 23w0 60b1 3w0 29b0102w1 56b1 53w15,00,0532,01815
27Kalaba Abby1779ZAM 8w0 88b1111w1 74b1 34w0 61b1 71w1 10b05,00,0531,52031
28Mulenga Bwalya0ZAM 79w0 94b0 95w1 81b1 80w1 69b1 8w0 54b15,00,0528,01996
29Chongo Rodrick0ZAM 54w0 39b0 85w1103b1 26w1 79b+ 23b0 66w15,00,0431,51980
30Kaonga Allan2076ZAM 76b1 36w1 6b1 11w0 48w1 2b0 10w0 39b½4,50,0441,02103
31Sakala Peter2143ZAM 46w1 80b1 19w1 13b0 38w½ 43b1 5w0 18b04,50,0439,52056
32Kameya Robson2120ZAM 57b1 25w1 43b0 52w1 35b½ 40w1 3b0 21w04,50,0438,52002
33Omaling Oogu1939ZAM 99w1 2b1 13w0 10b0101w1 83b1 7w0 41b½4,50,0437,01817
34Katebe Linus2111ZAM101b0 77w1 56b1 64w1 27b1 3w½ 14b0 16w04,50,0436,51974
35Mubanga Chanda Patrick1880ZAM 6b0 91w1 65b1 47w1 32w½ 8b0 15w0 72b14,50,0436,01833
36Phiri Gift1872ZAM 4w1 30b0 49w½ 62b0 89w1 72b1 43w1 15b04,50,0436,01942
37Modwell Mukumbi1864ZAM 14b0 98w1 4w0 82b1 74w1 9b0 61w1 48b½4,50,0435,51977
38Mukonde Darius1902ZAM 67b1 20w0105b1 55w1 31b½ 14w0 40b1 19w04,50,0435,01848
39Kalaba Mutale1877ZAM 5b0 29w1 51b0 86w1 55b1 53w0 79b1 30w½4,50,0434,01722
40Sichone Alinaswe1854ZAM 49w½ 78b1 48w0 54b1 18w1 32b0 38w0 69b14,50,0434,02063
41Mwanza Daniel1826ZAM 20b0106w1 22w0 84b1 16b0 55w1 52b1 33w½4,50,0434,01797
42Phiri I. Joseph1883ZAM111w1 13b0 83w1 8b0 67w1 15b½ 50w0 70b14,50,0433,51666
43Lemmy Chishala2034ZAM110w1 75b1 32w1 48b½ 17w0 31w0 36b0 58w14,50,0432,01873
44Chinapu Eric1862ZAM 48w0 59b1 2w0 96b1 47b0 77w½ 95b1 75w14,50,0431,51696
45Mangani Happy J1858ZAM 10w0 89b½ 72w1 49b0 75w1 63b0 99w1 71b14,50,0430,51662
46Chilufya Mukubulo1834ZAM 31b0107w1 7w0105b1 69w½ 62b1 18w0 73b14,50,0430,51809
47Mwansa Mambwe2024ZAM 75w0 96b1 70w1 35b0 44w1 51b0 73w½ 68b14,50,0429,51643
48Luanja Geoffrey2241ZAM 44b1 18w½ 40b1 43w½ 30b0 25w1 24b0 37w½4,50,0338,02002
49CMHapaku Charles2156ZAM 40b½ 92w½ 36b½ 45w1 87b1 19w1 17b0 9b04,50,0336,51966
50Swatu Fandisha0ZAM 97b1 21w½ 12b0 92w½ 64b1 16w½ 42b1 20w04,50,0335,01896
51Situmbeo Mpumulo0ZAM 73w0 85b1 39w1 9b0 52b1 47w1 22b0 25w04,00,0435,51943
52Phiri Steven1911ZAM 84w1 8b1 5w0 32b0 51w0 81b1 41w0 89b14,00,0434,51641
53Chanda Kunda2107ZAM 70w0 95b1 94w1 73b1 5w0 39b1 9w0 26b04,00,0434,01911
54Musende Gershom2006ZAM 29b1 6w0101b0 40w0 82b1 60w1 92b1 28w04,00,0433,01660
55Mubukwanu Emmanuel2025ZAM 86b1 60w1 20b- 38b0 39w0 41b0 82w1 81b14,00,0431,51732
56Nosiku Muyunda1833ZAM 7w1 74b0 34w0107b1 63w0 67b1 26w0 83b14,00,0431,01635
57Lyapa Chisha1828ZAM 32w0 99b1 8w0 88b1 61b0 86w1 25b0 87w14,00,0429,51608
58Nyendwa John1752ZAM 13w0 84b0 86w0 78b1 96w1 74b1 80w1 43b04,00,0427,51667
59Chilufya Edward E.0ZAM 21b0 44w0102b0 77w0 90b1106w1103b1 79w14,00,0426,01692
60Litebele Damain1749ZAM113w1 55b0 26w0 83b0105w1 54b0 84w1 80b14,00,0425,01576
61Mulauzi Joshua1971ZAM 98b1112w+ 17w0 4b0 57w1 27w0 37b0 85w14,00,0335,01746
62Tembo Osward 11939ZAM107b1 5w½ 21b0 36w1 71b0 46w0 83w1 63b½4,00,0333,01743
63Samuel Mulenga1847ZAM 23b0 97w0 90b1 98w½ 56b1 45w1 21b0 62w½4,00,0331,01661
64Chasaya Terence1904ZAM 83w0 86b1 84w1 34b0 50w0100b+ 66b0 88w14,00,0327,01242
65Shamba Obert0ZAM 82w0 81b1 35w0 72b0 85w0 96b1101w+ 92w14,00,0324,51682
66Musanje Rapheal1931ZAM105w0110b½ 78w1 67b½ 70w0101b1 64w1 29b04,00,0324,01458
67Yombwe Bornface0ZAM 38w0 -1 92b½ 66w½ 42b0 56w0102b1 93w14,00,0227,51802
68Sakala Ronald1862ZAM 3b1 1w0109b½ 71w0 98b1 87w1 19b0 47w03,50,0336,51880
69Chabala Efford2017ZAM 91b1105w1 1b0 6w0 46b½ 28w0 77b1 40w03,50,0336,01558
70Banda Brian1783ZAM 53b1 24w0 47b0 97w1 66b1 21w½ 16b0 42w03,50,0335,51830
71Simulundu Judah2080ZAM 87w½ 83b1 18w0 68b1 62w1 4b0 27b0 45w03,50,0335,01760
72Kaluba Yanick1673ZAM 12b½ 3w0 45b0 65w1109b1 36w0 93b1 35w03,50,0334,01822
73Peter Chembe1908ZAM 51b1 11w0 97b1 53w0104b1 24w0 47b½ 46w03,50,0333,01602
74Mukosha Joshua2075ZAM102b1 56w1 14b0 27w0 37b0 58w0 76b½ 95w13,50,0331,01767
75Butanda Benson0ZAM 47b1 43w0 25b0 93w½ 45b0104w1 94w1 44b03,50,0331,01753
76Kanyanta Frank1688ZAM 30w0 7b0 99w1 79b0 88w1 80b0 74w½ 98b13,50,0328,51598
77Mwanza Brian1682ZAM 80w0 34b0107w0 59b1 84w1 44b½ 69w0 94b13,50,0326,51549
78Nshikokola Ericho1725ZAM 92b½ 40w0 66b0 58w0108b0110w1109b+ 99b13,50,0222,51524
79CMNyimbili Dalington1928ZAM 28b1 14w0100b0 76w1102b1 29w- 39w0 59b03,00,0333,01562
80Akazembe Moses1918ZAM 77b1 31w0104b1 23w0 28b0 76w1 58b0 60w03,00,0332,51559
81Sakala Richard1777ZAM 1b0 65w0 91b1 28w0 97b1 52w0 86b1 55w03,00,0332,51292
82Nshikokola Mapalo1642ZAM 65b1 19w0 16b0 37w0 54w0105b1 55b0107w13,00,0331,01525
83Totoli Sikwa0ZAM 64b1 71w0 42b0 60w1 92b1 33w0 62b0 56w03,00,0331,01814
84Phiri Angel0ZAM 52b0 58w1 64b0 41w0 77b0 97w1 60b0102w13,00,0328,01603
85Silavwe Danny1765ZAM 17b0 51w0 29b0 90w1 65b1 92w0104b+ 61b03,00,0229,01332
86Banda Ferguson0ZAM 55w0 64w0 58b1 39b0103w1 57b0 81w0100b+3,00,0228,01702
87Kenneth Tembo1740ZAM 71b½ 12w0110b1109w1 49w0 68b0 89w½ 57b03,00,0227,51738
88Musanje Elliot0ZAM 25b0 27w0108b1 57w0 76b0 91w1100b+ 64b03,00,0227,51507
89Kalale Collins0ZAM 18b0 45w½ 93b0110w1 36b0108w1 87b½ 52w03,00,0226,51685
90Mwansa Shadreck1494ZAM 9w0111b0 63w0 85b0 59w0113b1105w1103b+3,00,0223,01464
91Bwalya Ernest0ZAM 69w0 35b0 81w0113b1 94w0 88b0106w1109b+3,00,0220,51448
92Ndhlovu Kondwelani1879ZAM 78w½ 49b½ 67w½ 50b½ 83w0 85b1 54w0 65b03,00,0128,51370
93Chibeza Mumba1842ZAM 2w0104b0 89w1 75b½107w1 18b0 72w0 67b02,50,0230,01210
94Chibale Herris1828ZAM 11b0 28w1 53b0104w0 91b1 95w½ 75b0 77w02,50,0229,51302
95Nalishebo Oscar1626ZAM 24b0 53w0 28b0106w1111w1 94b½ 44w0 74b02,50,0228,51596
96Chimwaya Kelvin1505ZAM 19b0 47w0106b1 44w0 58b0 65w0 97b½108w12,50,0228,01387
97Machiko Flamboyant0ZAM 50w0 63b1 73w0 70b0 81w0 84b0 96w½110b12,50,0225,01390
98Kaniki Lombe0ZAM 61w0 37b0113w1 63b½ 68w0111b-108b1 76w02,50,0224,51684
99Maini Chali0ZAM 33b0 57w0 76b0108w½110b1109w1 45b0 78w02,50,0224,51630
100Simfukwe Francis1775ZAM 22w1 9b0 79w1 19b0 25b0 64w- 88w- 86w-2,00,0236,01935
101Phiri Davies1823ZAM 34w1 15b0 54w1 22b0 33b0 66w0 65b-104b-2,00,0234,51897
102Ngwale Philimino1696ZAM 74w0 4b0 59w1111b1 79w0 26b0 67w0 84b02,00,0231,01448
103Mbao James Jimmy1858ZAM109b1 17w0 3b0 29w0 86b0107b1 59w0 90w-2,00,0230,01338
104Lukonde Victor Chibwe0ZAM 16b0 93w1 80w0 94b1 73w0 75b0 85w-101w-2,00,0227,01616
105Mkandawire Samuel Mpunga0ZAM 66b1 69b0 38w0 46w0 60b0 82w0 90b0113w12,00,0226,51595
106Nyirenda Kalenge0ZAM 26w0 41b0 96w0 95b0113w1 59b0 91b0111w12,00,0223,51378
107Milambo Francis0ZAM 62w0 46b0 77b1 56w0 93b0103w0111b+ 82b02,00,0125,51495
108Lungu Genesis1533ZAM 15w0 22b0 88w0 99b½ 78w1 89b0 98w0 96b01,50,0127,51171
109CMPhiri Godwin2166ZAM103w0113b1 68w½ 87b0 72w0 99b0 78w- 91w-1,50,0121,01452
110Mwambanya Mukwemba Stephen1430ZAM 43b0 66w½ 87w0 89b0 99w0 78b0113w+ 97w01,50,0023,51068
111Nshikokola Philip1955ZAM 42b0 90w1 27b0102w0 95b0 98w-107w-106b01,00,0124,01307
112IMChumfwa Stanley2297ZAM -1 61b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -01,00,0028,00
113James Mulenga1737ZAM 60b0109w0 98b0 91w0106b0 90w0110b-105b00,00,0020,0544

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: The greater number of victories (variable)
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)