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Campionat Sub-10 2011 Delegació de Lleida

Last update 29.01.2011 19:45:05, Creator: spanish chess federation (licence 293),Last Upload: imma montoliu daroca


Round 2

Bo.No.NamePts. ResultPts. NameNo.
16Mir Carnice Jordi1 0 - 11 Amoros Armente Josep1
28Sole Pijuan Ferran1 1 - 01 Canales Ros Albert3
32Botigué Moles Gerard0 1 - 00 Foix Martinez Jaume5
44Domingo Ariño Blai0 0 - 10 Monyarch Iñiguez Guillem7
59Planella J. Alejandro0 0 not paired