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Harrow Megafinal: U13-18

Last update 24.04.2019 13:03:20, Creator/Last Upload: mattcarr2700

Starting rank

1Choong Han-Sen289843ENG161Westminster School
2Dhemrait Jagdeep280561ENG147Harrow Chess Club
3Perez Fadon Andres297413ENG138Harrow Chess Club
4Sankar Dheekshitha319502ENG126Harrow Chess Club
5Weston Levi295717ENG123Greater London Chess Club
6Carter Rebecca292757ENG106Barnet Knights
7Truscott Philip309201ENG106Harrow Chess Club
8Sato Ryo317850ENG96The Queen Elizabeths School
9Rungta Vedaangh317849ENG94Harrow Chess Club
10Chhabra Ish291814ENG85Queen Elizatbeths School Barnet
11Irwan Shahrin Irfan Adam317832ENG83Hereward House School
12Tuckwell Noah311962ENG64Ashmole Academy
13Asryan Kagik290904ENG63Harrow
14Green Oliver306739ENG63Qe Boys
15Dahal Kritagya320866ENG62Harrow Chess Club
16Patel Parashar314743ENG59Harrow
17Rahman Faraz301081ENG58Harrow Chess Club
18Patel Khush317836ENG55Harrow Chess Club
19Aliporia Aidan801ENG0Preston Manor High School
20Christyselvarajah Dionysus38ENG0Douay Martyrs School Hillingdon
21Clowes Casey39ENG0Preston Manor
22Friend Lyle56ENG0Immanuel College
23Lakshmi Narasimhan Srivatsan95ENG0Preston Manor Upper School Carlton
24Popat Anaya302943ENG0Edgware Gambits
25Ranjithkumar Abish155ENG0Preston Manor Upper School
26Robertson David157ENG0Harrow Chess Club
27Warner James298720ENG0Harrow Chess Club
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