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Kwalificatie Dames Schaakkampioenschappen 2019

Last update 20.05.2019 01:50:34, Creator/Last Upload: surinaamse schaakbond

Starting rank

1WFMKaslan Catherine8201390SUR1846
2WFMTjong Tjin Joe Kaithlyn8201293SUR1646
3WCMFrijde Reyna8200335SUR1526
4WCMKaslan Alexandra8201340SUR1434
5WCMKaslan Victoria8202230SUR1399
6Ramautarsing Jyotika8203059SUR1365
7Elliot Saday8202451SUR1329
8Wijnhard Joelle14327627RSA1222
9Ramautarsing Swastika8203105SUR1159
10Liu Emily8201757SUR1145
11Creebsburg Shefali8203857SUR0
12Ramjiawan Raselie8204144SUR0
13Ramjiawan Ria8204250SUR0
14Tjong Tjin Joe Maylee8202699SUR0
15Wijnhard Trinity8204110SUR0