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U10 Cyprus Youth Chess Championship 2019

Last update 21.04.2019 19:14:06, Creator/Last Upload: cyprus chess federation

Starting rank

1Kyriakides Andreas5905320CYP1390Arion Chess Club
2Ioannou Konstantinos5904692CYP1327Arion Chess Club
3Anastasiou MarkosCYP0Arion Chess Club
4Anastasiou NikolasCYP0Arion Chess Club
5Chernenko Georgi5905702CYP0Pafos Chess Club
6Constantinides AndreasCYP0Arion Chess Club
7Daniil DaniilCYP0Limassol Chess Club
8Ioannou IoannisCYP0Arion Chess Club
9Karagiannis AndrianosCYP0Famagusta Chess Club
10Komodromos Renos5905729CYP0Pafos Chess Club
11Lavrishchev Matvei34390146CYP0Pafos Chess Club
12Lioudakis Giorgos5904773CYP0Arion Chess Club
13Nourou StefanosCYP0Famagusta Chess Club
14Pakkoutis NicolasCYP0Famagusta Chess Club
15Papageorgiou KonstantinosCYP0Famagusta Chess Club
16Psilos GiorgosCYP0Famagusta Chess Club
17Skouridis LambrosCYP0O.FI.S.
18Vasiliou CharisCYP0Famagusta Chess Club