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English Seniors Chess Championships 2019 Over 50s

Last update 09.04.2019 15:50:44, Creator/Last Upload: englishchessfederation

Starting rank

1IMLittlewood Paul E400190ENG2343Wood Green
2FMMoss Robin B W401331ENG2269Carlisle
3Josse Mark414476ENG2188Surbiton
4CMWillmoth Robert F402540ENG2116Hendon
5Mason Donald J405116ENG2065Shirley
6Simons Martin J407577ENG2005Southbourne
7Dilleigh Stephen P408379ENG1989Horfield
8Kay Lee P438014ENG1953Atherton
9Hubbard Michael430137ENG1952None
10Gibbs Dominic V412090ENG19464ncl Iceni
11McNally Richard J E422738ENG1922Stratford-Upon-Avon
12Smith Simon C424633ENG1912Warley Quinborne
13Clancy Martin J2403404ENG1808Ringwood
14Brodie Iain447919ENG1802Solihull
15Deswarte Ian407860ENG1771None
16Tarbuck Laurence Jm460850ENG1765None
17Jones Chris S414905ENG1710None
18Talas Sandor474673ENG1645Isle Of Man
19Lawrence Roy A410195ENG1615Sutton Coldfield
20Pinto Phil B473731ENG1600Emsworth
21Seymour Paul433128ENG1579Staines
22Fancourt Leslie J454370ENG1540Derby
23Robinson Steve448672ENG1305Morecambe
24Dearnley Andrew472891ENG0Huddersfield
25Wilson EdgarENG0Chelmsford