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21st Dubai Open 2019

Last update 09.04.2019 21:21:14, Creator/Last Upload: IA Abdulrahim Mahdi

Player overview for EGY

9GMAdly Ahmed2620EGY10111½1016,5910-3,10

Results of the last round for EGY

Rd.Bo.No. NameFEDRtgPts. ResultPts. NameFEDRtg No.
IMVokhidov ShamsiddinUZB2494 0 - 1 GMAdly AhmedEGY2620

Player details for EGY

GM Adly Ahmed 2620 EGY Rp:2565 Pts. 6,5
191WIMMezioud Amina2128ALG0- 1K
256IMRaghunandan Kaumandur Srihari2370IND6w 010-8,10
392IMSultan Ibrahim2121UAE4,5s 1101,10
454IMDhulipalla Bala Chandra Prasad2384IND5,5w 1102,00
529IMVisakh N R2509IND6s 1103,50
628IMIniyan P2512IND7w ½10-1,50
744IMHaug Johannes2424NOR6s 1102,50
815GMAbdusattorov Nodirbek2578UZB7w 010-5,60
932IMVokhidov Shamsiddin2494UZB5,5s 1103,30