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2019 Dyfed Blitz

Last update 23.02.2019 22:29:10, Creator/Last Upload: kevin

Starting rank

1AGMVan Kemenade Rudy410942WLS2127
2FMWaddington Mike P410497ENG2056
3Brewer Ben1805274WLS1790
4Taylor Robert Graham1800841WLS1770
5Parri Deio1802259WLS1659
6Chong Kimberly1804723WLS1650
7Miller John S1803107WLS1642
8Roberts Malcolm A404578ENG1630
9Leah Howard1803875WLS1621
10Denham Colin1802488WLS1608
11Morgans Justin1804898WLS1562
12Barnaby Nicholas M S2402858WLS1545
13Jones Dewi1803280WLS1532
14Hammett Scott1803948WLS1518
15Nukalapati Sarthak1805363WLS888
16Baron Margaret1804332WLS850
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