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Hart House Reading Week 2019 U1300

Last update 19.02.2019 02:39:25, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 34)

Rank after Round 2

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/City TB1 
11Adulfo Vincent AngelCAN1292On (Toronto)2,0
2Gaisinsky JacobCAN1288On (Windsor)2,0
4Charles ChristopherCAN1206Mb (Winnipeg)2,0
6Zhang DanielCAN1174On (Richmond Hill)2,0
29Ancer Gomez EliasCAN946On (Toronto)2,0
616Tuong RoseCAN1068On (Toronto)1,5
21Wang SophiaCAN1033On (Richmond Hill)1,5
26Jiang EthanCAN971On (Mississauga)1,5
28Ksenych AlexaCAN959On (Etobicoke)1,5
31Dela Torre John IvanCAN0On (North York)1,5
33Wang HongweiCAN01,5
127Huang IvanCAN1166On (Richmond Hill)1,0
9Lin JoeyCAN1131On (Toronto)1,0
10Hay JohnCAN1115On (Mississauga)1,0
11Zhou Johnson ZixuanCAN1109On (North York)1,0
12Khan RileyCAN1089On (Toronto)1,0
13Howson RyanCAN1078On (Toronto)1,0
15Yang LefanCAN1073On (Markham)1,0
17Chen AlinaCAN1064On (Mississauga)1,0
19Cheng AdamCAN1049On (Mississauga)1,0
23Moon EthanCAN1026On (Toronto)1,0
24Yakobovits DylanCAN1005On (Toronto)1,0
233Khakimov KarimCAN1211On (Aurora)0,5
5Coat SvenCAN1187On (Toronto)0,5
8Wang Xiuqi (Arthur)CAN1152On (Markham)0,5
14Mane ArnavCAN1078On (Richmond Hill)0,5
20Ksenych DrewCAN1044On (Etobicoke)0,5
25Zhang EricCAN995On (Richmond Hill)0,5
27Huang JustinCAN966On (Richmond Hill)0,5
3018D'souza CarinaCAN1051On (Toronto)0,0
22Pishdad M. HassanCAN1032On (Richmond Hill)0,0
30Liao JodyCAN925On (Mississauga)0,0
32Gwynne-Vaughan MorganCAN0On (Toronto)0,0

Tie Break1: points (game-points)

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