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Hart House Reading Week 2019 U1900

Last update 19.02.2019 02:49:23, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 34)

Rank after Round 1

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/City TB1 
11Bergeron MatthewCAN1899On (Brampton)1,0
2Ahmed Syed IbrahimCAN1889On (Toronto)1,0
3Fortuny Profitos JordiESP18781,0
8Xie AustinCAN1799On (Markham)1,0
10Matiu Virgiliu BogdanCAN1782On (Toronto)1,0
11Tran DennisCAN1772On (Toronto)1,0
12Iriarte BorisBER1770On (Ajax)1,0
13Sharma VishruthCAN1767Ab (Calgary)1,0
14Moran-Venegas MarioCAN1766On (Angus)1,0
15Nakagawa SeijiCAN1758Fo (Tokyo, Japan)1,0
16Uthayakumar RonanCAN1742On (Markham)1,0
17Zhou Joey (Junhe)CAN1723On (Oakville)1,0
20Qiao JoeyCAN1687On (Toronto)1,0
21Leblanc MiguelCAN1681On (Toronto)1,0
23Dickson RaymondCAN1665On (Kingston)1,0
28Li AdamCAN1637On (Richmond Hill)1,0
29Xiao EdwardCAN1627On (North York)1,0
30Terra Arthur SchneiderBRA1624On (Markham)1,0
33Li WingCAN1616On (Toronto)1,0
53Shanmugadhasan DylanCAN0On (Markham)1,0
6Miaco TrifelinoUSA1817On (Scarborough)0,5
9Liao JosephCAN1787On (Mississauga)0,5
18Hua MichelleCAN1703On (Waterdown)0,5
19Cortez PacificoCAN1697On (Mississauga)0,5
22Benggawan UndriadiCAN1672On (Mississauga)0,5
24Gao William (Zhimao)CAN1665On (Toronto)0,5
31Shen IsamelCAN1622On (Markham)0,5
32Huang RichardCAN1618On (Markham)0,5
35Kwan Toy ChackCAN1604On (Unionville)0,5
44Gao LucyCAN1543On (Scarborough)0,5
45Reza SumonCAN1543On (Toronto)0,5
46Dong YiweiCAN1539On (Toronto)0,5
49Liu AaronCAN1522On (Markham)0,5
52Ozkazanc AlisanCAN0On (Toronto)0,5
364Supsup FerdinandCAN1875On (Misissauga)0,0
5Orozco JoeyCAN1834On (Toronto)0,0
7Liu Harrison (Hangchen)CAN1810On (Oakville)0,0
25Gilani MyshaCAN1651On (Toronto)0,0
26Ali ShafkatCAN1649On (Toronto)0,0
27Loiko SergiiCAN1641On (Toronto)0,0
34Lefort VictorCAN1607On (Kitchener)0,0
36Marsh JohnCAN1598On (Peterborough)0,0
37Jeyakumar BhavatharshanCAN1586On (Scarborough)0,0
38Parakin DonCAN1579On (Richmond Hill)0,0
39Aliaj JurgenCAN1575On (Toronto)0,0
40Wang EricCAN1562On (Toronto)0,0
41Lambert PeterCAN1553On (Kleinburg)0,0
42Sztuka JeremyCAN1553On (Smith Falls)0,0
43Hughes HenryCAN1552On (Guelph)0,0
47Armstrong Robert J.CAN1527On (Toronto)0,0
48Zhuang Jin Rong (Winnie)CAN1527On (Richmond Hill)0,0
50Syed AliCAN1516On (Brampton)0,0

Tie Break1: points (game-points)

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