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Third Saturday Djenovici MNE GM II-2019

Last update 23.02.2019 14:02:02, Creator/Last Upload: montenegro chess federation

Starting rank list of players

4GMKosic Dragan900290MNE2502
6GMPap Misa921610SRB2501
9IMPriasmoro Novendra7105029INA2452
1GMLazic Miroljub900788SRB2446
2IMSaraci Nderim6351921KOS2397
5Zhao Yuanhe8609497CHN2396
8IMLaketic Gojko900583SRB2363
7FMAudi Ameya25034430IND2322
10FMOlcum Ahmet6311393TUR2320
3IMMartorelli Antonio801399ITA2168