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Penang Heritage City International Chess Challenger 2010

Last update 12.12.2010 05:42:01, Creator/Last Upload: malaysian chess federation

Player info

NameDilwen Ding Tze How
Starting rank44
Rating national1367
Rating international0
Performance rating1370
Year of birth 1998


137105Lim Chee Kok Arnold0MAS4,0w 1
259Siti Aisyah Sabirin1551MAS5,0s 0
33487Hj Yahaya Ahmad1146MAS4,0w 1
41410Muhammad Nuriman Hj Yahaya1531MAS5,5s 0
53373Anand Low Hong Ren1227MAS4,0w 0
63477Jonathan Kow Wen Han1204MAS4,0s ½
73776Oo Zhi Xin1207MAS4,0w 1
82971Fong Wei Siang William1230MAS3,5s 1
92052Ng Shi Xuan1314MAS4,5w 1