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10th Vidyashilp Academy Inter- School Chess Championship - Category E - Girls

Last update 13.02.2019 16:55:23, Creator/Last Upload: vasanth bh

Starting rank

1Aashi Agarwal46694455IND1041G W H
2Aadhya Ajay0Chrysalis High Horamavu
3Akshaya Sunil0G W H
4Diksha C0Chrysalis High Horamavu
5Divyanshi Rajashekar450831340Vidyashilp
6Geethika M0Chrysalis High Horamavu
7Hitha C0Vidyashilp
8Isa Aminah350846660K V Rwf
9Keerthana Rajesh257803010G W H
10Kunshi S0Vidyashilp
11Khushi Nahar0Vidyashilp
12Numisha Thoudam0S A M S
13Pranavi SenthilIND0G W H
14Samvratha S Jain259648520K V Jalahalli
15Srilalitha Srinivasan0S A M S
16Sruthakeerthi A0Chrysalis High Horamavu
17Sudeepthi Ramesh0S A M S
18Tanushree S0Chrysalis High Horamavu
19Yuktha Pe Reddy0G W H