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II Parada VI Circuito Escolar de Ajedrez Murcia

Last update 17.02.2019 15:04:11, Creator/Last Upload: spanish chess federation (licence 519)

Player info

NameBlagojevic Nikola
Starting rank8
Rating national0
Rating international0
Performance rating727
Club/CitySan Javier Duochess


1847Lopez Mosqueira Jesus0ESPSan Javier Duochess3,0s 0
22655Mendez Garcia Hector0ESPBeniajan Duochess2,5w 0
33570Sanchez Garcia Aroa0ESPSan Javier Duochess2,0s 1
42441IbaƱez Lopez Diego0ESPZaraichess3,0w 0
52864Perez Torres Yolanda0ESPEDM Caravaca3,0s 0
63462Orenes Barba Rodrigo0ESPZaraichess2,0w 0