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Chess Title Chase: Winter Edition 2019 - GM

Last update 16.02.2019 14:01:13, Creator/Last Upload: lviv region cf

Starting rank list of players

8GMVovk Yuri14113171UKR2573
9GMVetoshko Volodymyr14122480UKR2511
7IMJarmula Lukasz1160664POL2483
3GMGolubev Mikhail14100983UKR2479
4IMJanik Igor1159259POL2468
2Galperin Platon14165414UKR2439
5IMNikitenko Mihail13506862BLR2402
10FMMosesov Danylo14149494UKR2351
6FMKrykun Yuriy14140667UKR2335
1FMTomici Stefan1218417ROU2319