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Buffalo City Trials 1 of 5 U10A

Last update 09.02.2019 21:38:37, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 105)

Starting rank

1Chang SamuelRSA1118
2Driffield GaryRSA959
3Goldswain MatthewRSA943
4Slater JamesRSA883
5Taylor AndrewRSA879
6Toich JoshuaRSA809
7Deang AldreRSA795
8Mortimer AimeeRSA754
9Scheckter RebeccaRSA718
10Botha TylerRSA689
11Peirson ReeceRSA554
12Obaray EmmaRSA505
13George AlainaRSA0
14Matengambiri PearlRSA0
15Mjekula OnelaRSA0
16August SiyoliseRSA829