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Nkangala 1st Tournamant Laerskool President CR Swart Middelburg Section A & B ( Under 20 & 18) (2003 - Earier)

Last update 06.02.2019 17:31:19, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 96)

Starting rank

1Motsepe MphoRSA1406
2Meyer EwaldRSA1103
3Kruger PaulRSA954
4Joubert CoenraadRSA870
5Smith BrandonRSA778
6Olivier AshleRSA600
7Dzingirai IsheanesuRSA595
8Walters RyanRSA566
9Morotoba MatomeRSA500
10Bhana VikashRSA0