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First Saturday GM Feb 2019

Last update 12.02.2019 20:20:31, Creator/Last Upload: brindza istvan ia

Player Overview of a federation

Overview for team NOR

7IMMihajlov SebastianNOR235710½1½½½0½4,56GM

Player details

IM Mihajlov Sebastian 2357 NOR Rp:2410 Pts. 4,5
14GMChernyshov Konstantin2487RUS3,0s 1GM
25CMNguyen Van Thanh2353VIE4,5w 0GM
36FMOrosz Andras2358HUN3,5s ½GM
410FMAudi Ameya2322IND3,5s 1GM
58Zhao Yuanhe2396CHN5,5w ½GM
69GMCzebe Attila2392HUN4,5s ½GM
71GMFarago Ivan2379HUN3,0w ½GM
82GMAczel Gergely2553HUN6,0s 0GM
93IMPriasmoro Novendra2452INA7,0w ½GM