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Pafos classic Feb 2019 (open)

Last update 14.03.2019 21:08:37, Creator/Last Upload: cyprus chess federation

Starting rank

1Terentiev Sergei11600152LAT2252
2Yiapanis George5901219CYP1909
3Sofokleous Demetris5901936CYP1837
4Mantzios Vasilis5901154CYP1806
5Spence MichaelCYP1800
6Kasiotis Stelios5901979CYP1754
7Koulaxidis Arkadios5904188CYP1733
8Savva Marios4262344CYP1723
9Jensen Johnny1460277DEN1652
10Antoniou George5901030CYP1625
11Savva Christoforos4262336CYP1616
12Kotsifis Emanouil25818325CYP1600
13Christofi Stathis5902576CYP1507
14Patokova Viktorya34189405RUS1503
15Soslaidi Lubov5904684CYP1276
16Popov Gennadios5904650CYP1227
17Patokova Olga44169558RUS1200
18Chernenko Georgi5905702CYP1100