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2019 Frodsham Congress Under 120

Last update 03.02.2019 20:11:30, Creator/Last Upload: alexholowczak

Final Ranking after 5 Rounds

18Price David P112Crewe
21Hawthorne Julian N119None
3Jackson Paul Robert115None
14Beswick Andrew105Chorlton
59Richards Steve112Wrexham
38Houston David0Rhyl & Prestatyn
75Babington James113Rhyl & Prestatyn
6Murphy Martin P112Denton
11Kelly Alan108Wallasey
17Greaves Robert104Formby
23Wilson Jeff98Oldham
24Crompton Brian E97Pensby
36Newnham Ben29Tattenhall
144Stent Ian114Wallasey
7Owens Robert112Formby
12Scorer David M108Clitheroe
13Holmes Nick D106Telepost
19Taylor Paul A101Holywell
20De Santos Andrew R99Preston
21Mccormick Roy99Frodsham
22Weir Angus98Hollywell
25Bonner Dennis M96Telepost
37Gopalakrishna Anil0None
242Dunning Stephen116Buckley/Mold
10Coleman Patrick N108Lytham St Annes
15Simmons John A105Colwyn Bay
16Foy Jeff104Altrincham
18Sommerville Gordon Br103Wallasey
29Hall Les80Crewe
34Green Malcolm60Tattenhall
3126Saram Nethuli Dunindee92Chester
27Bohm Richard D84Bolton
28Buckley David I80Bushbury
32Tekniepe T Klaus75Tattenhall
35Parry Susan F58Holywell
3630Hynes Thomas F79Urmston
31Hamilton Stuart75Rhyl & Prestatyn
33Ashley Graham62Tattenhall
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