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71st National Schools Individual Chess Ch 2019 - Girls Open

Last update 20.03.2019 10:04:39, Creator/Last Upload: singapore chess federation

Starting rank

1Tin Ruiqi5806453HCI1655West
2Kwok Teng Yan Megan5819792NJC1275Sout
3Cai Minghui5824974HCI1097West
4Dinh Thao Vy12406627HCI0West
5Goh Zi JiaPLM0East
6Ho Min-Yi Carissa5826870RIS0Sout
7Josephine Andrea MadolenCGS0Sout
8Lee Hui Jean DeniseHCI0West
9Lee Hui Ling5807026EJC0Nort
10Lim Ai LinEJC0Nort
11Lim Emma Yuki5806348EJC0Nort
12Madeline Andrea SofianCGS0Sout
13Maniyar Kareena TusharEJC0Nort
14Peng YalinCGS0Sout
15Shruthi C IyerRJC0Sout
16Shu Zeqian Daisy5811937NUH0West
17Siew Xuan HuiNUH0West
18Wong Zhixuan Gerlyn5807069HCI0West
19Yee Zi YinPLM0East
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