Moscow Open 2019_B «Кубок РГСУ - Этап Кубка России среди женщин»

FederationRussia ( RUS )
Tournament directorIA, IO Akhmetov, Artiom 4129890
Chief ArbiterIA Makhnev, Vladimir 4140605
Time control90min/40moves+30min/end+30sec increment per move starting from move 1
Rating calculationRating international
Date2019/01/26 to 2019/02/03
Pairing programSwiss-Manager from Heinz HerzogSwiss-Manager tournamentfile

Last update 03.02.2019 14:42:20, Creator/Last Upload: moscow chess federation

Tournament selectionA, B, C, D1, D2
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Overview for teamARM, BLR, ITA, KAZ, RUS, UKR
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Final Ranking after 9 Rounds, Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds, Starting rank crosstable
Board PairingsRd.1, Rd.2, Rd.3, Rd.4, Rd.5, Rd.6, Rd.7, Rd.8, Rd.9/9 , not paired
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Starting rank crosstable

No.NameFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts.Rk. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1IMGuseva MarinaRUS 53w1 32b0 55w1 33b½ 46w1 17b1 16w½ 6b1 15w17,0445,041,00,0
2IMBodnaruk AnastasiaRUS 54b1 33w1 25b1 31w0 24b1 23w1 11b1 13w1 4b18,0154,550,50,0
3WIMBadelka OlgaBLR 55w1 34b½ 42w0 48b1 37w1 22b1 4w0 27b½ 47w16,01746,042,00,0
4WFMGritsayeva OksanaRUS 56b1 37w½ 35b1 29w1 12b1 5w½ 3b1 31b½ 2w06,5553,049,00,0
5FMAssaubayeva BibisaraRUS 57w1 36b½ 38w1 24b1 16w1 4b½ 31w½ 15b½ 61w17,0353,048,50,0
6FMVoit DariaRUS 58b1 39w½ 37b1 30w1 21b0 33w1 19b1 1w0 23w05,52152,547,50,0
7IMCharochkina DariaRUS 59w1 41b0 57w1 44b1 26w0 36b1 42w1 16b1 31w06,01248,044,50,0
8WIMDordzhieva DinaraRUS 60b0 76w½ 91w1 61b0 79w1 57b½ 52w1 42b0 75w15,03941,538,50,0
9WIMTomilova ElenaRUS 61w1 42b0 59w1 46b0 65w1 41b1 53w1 23b½ 24w05,52445,542,00,0
10WFMProtopopova AnastasiyaRUS 62b0 77w1 64b1 41w½ 39b0 56w1 49b½ 47w0 54b15,03543,540,50,0
11WFMPotapova MargaritaRUS 63w1 43b1 26w½ 32w½ 62b1 14b1 2w0 61b0 42w16,01348,044,50,0
12WIMSemenova ElenaRUS 64b1 45w1 30b½ 39w1 4w0 42b½ 61w0 53b1 62w05,03247,043,00,0
13WFMAfonasieva AnnaRUS 65w½ 71b0 81w1 69b1 38w1 30w1 26b1 2b0 37w16,5845,542,00,0
14WIMSchepetkova MargaritaRUS 66b1 49w1 31b0 43w1 32b1 11w0 23b0 60w½ 40b15,52347,544,00,0
15Borisova EkaterinaRUS 67w1 44b½ 36w1 26b½ 42w½ 39b+ 21b1 5w½ 1b06,0950,546,00,0
16WGMMaltsevskaya AleksandraRUS 68b1 51w1 32b½ 47w1 5b0 49w1 1b½ 7w0 60b16,01149,045,00,0
17WGMIljushina OlgaRUS 69w1 46b½ 44w½ 50b½ 40w1 1w0 62b½ 57b1 49w05,03347,043,00,0
18WGMParamzina AnastasyaRUS 70b1 60w½ 39b0 62w0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -01,510439,036,50,0
19WIMMakarenko AlexandraRUS 71w½ 65b1 46w½ 52b1 53w1 26b½ 6w0 30w1 21b½6,01844,541,00,0
20WFMMarkelova LubovRUS 72b0 78w1 66b1 45w½ 41b½ 62w0 56b1 49w0 55w15,03643,039,00,0
21WFMLysenko MargaritaRUS 73w1 48b½ 71w1 60b1 6w1 31b0 15w0 33b1 19w½6,01547,043,50,0
22Yurasova DariaRUS 74b1 62w0 70b1 49w½ 45b1 3w0 51b½ 41w½ 78b15,52844,541,00,0
23FMStetsko LanitaBLR 75w1 50b1 41w1 42b1 31w0 2b0 14w1 9w½ 6b16,5651,046,50,0
24WFMGetman TatyanaRUS 76b1 72w1 62b1 5w0 2w0 44b½ 39w+ 35w1 9b16,5749,045,00,0
25WFMSerikbay AsselKAZ 77w1 52b1 2w0 53b0 59w1 46b½ 40w1 37b0 44w15,53042,539,50,0
26WFMSmirnova EkaterinaRUS 78b1 92w1 11b½ 15w½ 7b1 19w½ 13w0 62b½ 58w16,01050,045,50,0
27WFMNurgali NazerkeKAZ 79w0 83b1 61w½ 65b½ 67w1 50b½ 44w1 3w½ 51b16,02041,038,00,0
28WFMSakorenko AdrianaRUS 80b½ 90w1 47b0 51w0 96b1 60w0 74b1 58b0 71w14,55838,035,00,0
29WFMStepanyan EvaRUS 81w½ 87b1 48w1 4b0 50w½ 53b0 57w0 66b1 70w04,06440,537,50,0
30Tsirulnik MaritsaUKR 82b1102w1 12w½ 6b0 60w1 13b0 46w1 19b0 50w15,52942,541,00,0
31WFMGoltseva EkaterinaRUS 83w1 79b1 14w1 2b1 23b1 21w1 5b½ 4w½ 7b18,0251,548,50,0
32WFMKorchagina ViktoriaRUS 84b1 1w1 16w½ 11b½ 14w0 61b0 58w0 70b0 82w14,06046,543,50,0
33Ilyuchyk YanaBLR 85w1 2b0 67w1 1w½ 47b1 6b0 75w1 21w0 41b15,52248,545,00,0
34WFMKabanova EkaterinaRUS 86b1 3w½ 60b0 54w1 49b0 66w½ 63b1 51w0 56b04,06242,539,00,0
35WFMTrapeznikova DaryaRUS 87w½ 99b1 4w0 71b1 61w½ 75b½ 50w1 24b0 46w04,55042,039,51,0
36WIMGaboyan SusannaARM 88b1 5w½ 15b0 56w½ 51b1 7w0 65b1 78w½ 92b15,52545,542,00,0
37WFMBulatova KamaliyaRUS 89w1 4b½ 6w0 79b1 3b0 72w1 54b1 25w1 13b05,52744,542,00,0
38Illina NataliaRUS 90b½ 80w1 5b0 72w1 13b0 74w1 60b0 54w½ 65b½4,54942,539,50,0
39WFMKanevskaya AnnaRUS 91w1 6b½ 18w1 12b0 10w1 15w- 24b- -0 -03,57645,541,50,0
40WIMDoroshenko DianaRUS 92b0 82w1 72b½ 80w1 17b0 76w1 25b0 64w1 14w04,55241,038,00,0
41WFMNosacheva MariyaRUS 93w1 7w1 23b0 10b½ 20w½ 9w0 66b1 22b½ 33w04,54746,043,00,0
42WFMShafigullina ZarinaRUS 94b1 9w1 3b1 23w0 15b½ 12w½ 7b0 8w1 11b05,03149,045,50,0
43WFMMukhina JanaRUS 95w1 11w0 74b1 14b0 75w0 82w1 78b0 81b½ 57w03,57839,536,50,0
44WFMFilippova DaryaRUS 96b1 15w½ 17b½ 7w0 64b1 24w½ 27b0 67w1 25b04,54647,043,00,0
45WFMLoskutova ViktoriyaRUS 97w1 12b0 73w1 20b½ 22w0 58b½ 67w½ 75b0 81w½4,06638,537,00,0
46WIMTomashevskaya LidiaRUS 98b1 17w½ 19b½ 9w1 1b0 25w½ 30b0 88w1 35b15,52645,042,50,0
47WFMSmirnova AnastasiaRUS 99w½ 81b1 28w1 16b0 33w0 63b½ 93w1 10b1 3b05,04140,538,00,0
48WCMNasyrova EkaterinaRUS100b1 21w½ 29b0 3w0 78b0 86w1 76b1 92w0 95b14,55639,036,00,0
49WFMZotova AnastasiaRUS101w1 14b0 75w1 22b½ 34w1 16b0 10w½ 20b1 17b16,01944,040,50,0
50Garmash AlionaRUS103b1 23w0 92b1 17w½ 29b½ 27w½ 35b0 95w1 30b04,55142,039,50,0
51Zhurova AnnaRUS104w1 16b0 79w½ 28b1 36w0 69b1 22w½ 34b1 27w05,04041,038,50,0
52Ilyina LadaRUS105b1 25w0 96b1 19w0 74b½ 78w½ 8b0 80w1 72b04,06539,537,50,0
53WGMShaydullina SandugachRUS 1b0 84w1102b1 25w1 19b0 29w1 9b0 12w0 91b04,06142,541,00,0
54Lazhevskaya ZhanniRUS 2w0 85b½ 87w1 34b0 81w1 71b1 37w0 38b½ 10w04,06341,038,00,0
55WFMPedashenko AnastasiaRUS 3b0 86w1 1b0 76w0 92b0 99b1 82w1 84w1 20b04,06738,536,00,0
56WFMMiroshnik EkaterinaRUS 4w0 89b½ 85w1 36b½ 91w1 10b0 20w0 83b1 34w15,04240,037,50,0
57WFMChekmareva LiyaRUS 5b0 88w1 7b0 78w½ 80b1 8w½ 29b1 17w0 43b15,03742,539,00,0
58WCMBondareva DariaRUS 6w0 91b0 93b1 82w1 76b½ 45w½ 32b1 28w1 26b05,04339,036,00,0
59WFMKutyanina MariyaRUS 7b0 93w1 9b0 84w1 25b0 88w½ 80b½ 72w0 85b½3,57939,036,00,0
60WFMAfanasieva AlexandraRUS 8w1 18b½ 34w1 21w0 30b0 28b1 38w1 14b½ 16w05,03445,041,00,0
61Kirchei ViktoriiaRUS 9b0 94w1 27b½ 8w1 35b½ 32w1 12b1 11w1 5b06,01646,543,00,0
62Nur-Mukhametova AlisaRUS 10w1 22b1 24w0 18b1 11w0 20b1 17w½ 26w½ 12b16,01447,543,50,0
63Lysenko ViktoriaRUS 11b0 96w0 94b½103w1 86b1 47w½ 34w0 91b0 83w14,07036,534,00,0
64Vyrtosu NataliaRUS 12w0 95b1 10w0 89b1 44w0 91b½ 79w1 40b0 73w14,55936,534,00,0
65Yakimova MariyaRUS 13b½ 19w0100b1 27w½ 9b0 84w1 36w0 93b1 38w½4,54843,040,00,0
66Shendrik ZhannaRUS 14w0 97b1 20w0 88b½ 85w1 34b½ 41w0 29w0 84b14,07434,533,00,0
67Zaitseva LyudmilaRUS 15b0 98w1 33b0 92w1 27b0 96w1 45b½ 44b0 88w14,55540,037,50,0
68Lagutina OlgaRUS 16w0101b½ 89w0 95b1 88w½ 93b0 91w½ 79b½ 87w14,07533,030,50,0
69Khan AnastasiaRUS 17b0100w½ 90b1 13w0 87b1 51w0 88b0 85w½ 89b14,07135,032,50,0
70Sosnina EkaterinaRUS 18w0104b1 22w0 91b0 93b0100w1 90b1 32w1 29b15,04534,031,50,0
71WCMStrukova KseniaRUS 19b½ 13w1 21b0 35w0 90b1 54w0 92b0 86w1 28b03,57742,539,50,0
72Voskresenskaya MartaRUS 20w1 24b0 40w½ 38b0 89w1 37b0 83w½ 59b1 52w15,04438,536,00,0
73Esaulova MarfaRUS 21b0103w1 45b0 96w0102b1 92w½ 95b0 94w1 64b03,58134,032,50,0
74Klevets KseniaRUS 22w0106b1 43w0 99b1 52w½ 38b0 28w0 87b½101w½3,58631,531,00,0
75WFMKasaeva SofiiaRUS 23b0105w1 49b0102w1 43b1 35w½ 33b0 45w1 8b04,55738,537,00,0
76Yakushina EkaterinaRUS 24w0 8b½ 99w½ 55b1 58w½ 40b0 48w0101b½ 93w14,06838,035,50,0
77Sayafarova AnnaRUS 25b0 10b0 95w½ 90w0100b½102w1 84b0 96w0 97b13,09630,028,50,0
78Salakhova AdelyaRUS 26w0 20b0 97w1 57b½ 48w1 52b½ 43w1 36b½ 22w04,55340,539,00,0
79Zhivotovskaya AsyaRUS 27b1 31w0 51b½ 37w0 8b0 87w1 64b0 68w½ 96b03,08845,042,00,0
80Arutyunova YuliyaRUS 28w½ 38b0101w1 40b0 57w0 89b1 59w½ 52b0100w14,07235,032,50,0
81WFMZvereva MargaritaRUS 29b½ 47w0 13b0 94w1 54b0 90w½ 96b1 43w½ 45b½4,06937,534,50,0
82Alekseenko MariyaRUS 30w0 40b0 98w1 58b0 97w1 43b0 55b0104w1 32b03,09233,031,50,0
83Hakobyan AstghikARM 31b0 27w0103b0 98b1 99w½ 94w1 72b½ 56w0 63b03,08939,036,50,0
84Stroganova KarinaRUS 32w0 53b0104w1 59b0103w1 65b0 77w1 55b0 66w03,09332,029,50,0
85Tokmakova UlyanaRUS 33b0 54w½ 56b0100w1 66b0 95w0 97b1 69b½ 59w½3,58234,032,50,0
86Lysenko OlesyaRUS 34w0 55b0105w½101b1 63w0 48b0 98w1 71b0103w13,58730,528,50,0
87WCMZavivaeva EmiliaRUS 35b½ 29w0 54b0105b1 69w0 79b0 99w1 74w½ 68b03,09431,529,50,0
88Grekhneva YanaRUS 36w0 57b0106w1 66w½ 68b½ 59b½ 69w1 46b0 67b03,58036,536,00,0
89Pikalova SofyaRUS 37b0 56w½ 68b1 64w0 72b0 80w0104b½ 90w+ 69w03,09137,034,50,0
90WIMKaydanovich MarinaRUS 38w½ 28b0 69w0 77b1 71w0 81b½ 70w0 89b- -02,010235,032,00,0
91WCMMikheeva GalinaRUS 39b0 58w1 8b0 70w1 56b0 64w½ 68b½ 63w1 53w15,03842,038,00,0
92Testova NikaRUS 40w1 26b0 50w0 67b0 55w1 73b½ 71w1 48b1 36w04,55440,537,00,0
93Volegova PolinaRUS 41b0 59b0 58w0104b1 70w1 68w1 47b0 65w0 76b03,09038,035,50,0
94Kalashnikova EkaterinaRUS 42w0 61b0 63w½ 81b0101w1 83b0103w1 73b0 98w13,58334,031,50,0
95Cassi ElisaITA 43b0 64w0 77b½ 68w0105b1 85b1 73w1 50b0 48w03,58433,031,00,0
96WCMCherepanova EvitaRUS 44w0 63b1 52w0 73b1 28w0 67b0 81w0 77b1 79w14,07335,032,00,0
97Meremyanina KseniyaRUS 45b0 66w0 78b0106w1 82b0103b½ 85w0100b0 77w01,510528,027,50,0
98Yusupova ElinaRUS 46w0 67b0 82b0 83w0106b1104w½ 86b0102w1 94b02,59927,527,00,0
99Tolstykh ArinaRUS 47b½ 35w0 76b½ 74w0 83b½ 55w0 87b0105w1104b02,59831,529,50,0
100Nagaeva AliiaRUS 48w0 69b½ 65w0 85b0 77w½ 70b0106b1 97w1 80b03,09530,530,00,0
101Ivanova MariaRUS 49b0 68w½ 80b0 86w0 94b0105w1102b1 76w½ 74b½3,58532,030,50,0
102Fedoricheva EkaterinaRUS106w1 30b0 53w0 75b0 73w0 77b0101w0 98b0 -12,010328,027,50,0
103Volkova AlinaRUS 50w0 73b0 83w1 63b0 84b0 97w½ 94b0106w1 86b02,510027,026,50,0
104Makarenko ElizavetaRUS 51b0 70w0 84b0 93w0 -1 98b½ 89w½ 82b0 99w13,09728,526,50,0
105WCMZavivaeva EvelinaRUS 52w0 75b0 86b½ 87w0 95w0101b0 -1 99b0106w12,510126,526,00,0
106Klyosheva AnnaRUS102b0 74w0 88b0 97b0 98w0 -1100w0103b0105b01,010621,520,00,0

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)