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AZE Youth Chess Championship U-8 Preliminary tournament

Last update 31.01.2019 09:11:26, Creator/Last Upload: guliyev_shaig

Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Karimli Yusif1433AZE 8b1 20w1 2b1 4w1 3b1 5w1 7b1 9w1 10b19,00,050,046,5
2Gurbanov Huseyn0AZE 16w1 11b1 1w0 13b1 20w1 4w1 3b1 6b1 5w07,00,051,047,5
3Aliyev Kanan0AZE 12b1 21w1 15b½ 5w1 1w0 8b1 2w0 18b1 4b16,50,051,047,0
4Allahverdi Umid1038AZE 14w1 10b1 13w1 1b0 7w1 2b0 11w1 5b1 3w06,00,054,049,5
5Mehdizade Ilgar Elshad0AZE 27w1 17b1 6w1 3b0 9w1 1b0 8w1 4w0 2b16,00,051,548,5
6Maharramli Aykhan1049AZE 19b1 26w1 5b0 15w1 8b0 12w1 10b1 2w0 9b16,00,045,542,0
7Mirzayev Turan0AZE 18b1 13w0 21b1 16w1 4b0 20b1 1w0 17w1 8b16,00,045,041,5
8Mahmudlu Ali0AZE 1w0 23b1 10w1 11b1 6w1 3w0 5b0 13b1 7w05,00,052,548,5
9Mahmudlu Sadig0AZE 15b0 24w1 26b1 12w1 5b0 22w1 25w1 1b0 6w05,00,045,042,0
10Mustafa Muhammadali0AZE 25b1 4w0 8b0 31w1 16b1 18b1 6w0 23b1 1w05,00,042,541,5
11Salmanli Mirali0AZE 28b1 2w0 19b1 8w0 24b1 15w1 4b0 12w1 14b05,00,042,540,5
12Mirzayev Ughur0AZE 3w0 30b1 17w1 9b0 13w1 6b0 21w1 11b0 22w15,00,042,039,5
13Suleymanli Jeyhun0AZE 31w1 7b1 4b0 2w0 12b0 30w1 22b1 8w0 24b15,00,040,539,5
14Manafli Omar0AZE 4b0 25w1 16b0 24w0 23w0 -1 30b1 20b1 11w15,00,034,532,0
15Mammadli Turan1097AZE 9w1 22b1 3w½ 6b0 18w0 11b0 26w0 21b1 29w14,50,041,038,5
16Nurlu Huseyn0AZE 2b0 -1 14w1 7b0 10w0 27b1 18w0 25b1 23w½4,50,040,537,5
17Zeynalli Boyukagha0AZE -1 5w0 12b0 19w½ 30b1 21b½ 20w1 7b0 18w½4,50,040,037,5
18Ahmadli Faik0AZE 7w0 31b1 22w1 20b0 15b1 10w0 16b1 3w0 17b½4,50,038,537,5
19Mahmudov Akshin0AZE 6w0 29b1 11w0 17b½ 21w0 31b1 23w0 28b1 26w14,50,032,031,0
20Mustafa Mayil0AZE 23w1 1b0 28b1 18w1 2b0 7w0 17b0 14w0 -14,00,044,042,0
21Sadigzada Miryuysif0AZE 30w1 3b0 7w0 23b½ 19b1 17w½ 12b0 15w0 27b14,00,040,037,5
22Mirzazada Elmir0AZE 24b1 15w0 18b0 28w1 26b1 9b0 13w0 27w1 12b04,00,036,534,5
23Allahverdi Ismayil0AZE 20b0 8w0 30b½ 21w½ 14b1 26w½ 19b1 10w0 16b½4,00,036,534,0
24Aliyev Matin0AZE 22w0 9b0 29w1 14b1 11w0 25b0 31w1 26b1 13w04,00,033,532,5
25Asadullayev Kanan0AZE 10w0 14b0 27w0 -1 28b1 24w1 9b0 16w0 30w+4,00,033,031,0
26Mustafazada Samir0AZE 29w1 6b0 9w0 27b1 22w0 23b½ 15b1 24w0 19b03,50,037,535,0
27Aghazada Mirmammad0AZE 5b0 28w0 25b1 26w0 31b1 16w0 29w1 22b0 21w03,01,030,029,0
28Jafarli Busat0AZE 11w0 27b1 20w0 22b0 25w0 29b0 -1 19w0 31b+3,01,029,527,5
29Fataliyev Ali0AZE 26b0 19w0 24b0 30w0 -1 28w1 27b0 31w1 15b03,01,027,026,0
30Hajizada Hasan0AZE 21b0 12w0 23w½ 29b1 17w0 13b0 14w0 -1 25b-2,50,034,532,5
31Maharramli Fazil0AZE 13b0 18w0 -1 10b0 27w0 19w0 24b0 29b0 28w-1,00,033,531,5

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)