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Concursul National Scolar de Sah"ELISABETA POLIHRONIADE" clasele VII-VIII etapa I-a SOLONT - Bacau

Last update 29.11.2010 19:20:12, Creator/Last Upload: Romanian Chess Federation (Licence 5)

Starting rank

1Adam Marius ConstantinROU0CUCUETI
2Balanel IulianROU0CUCUETI
3Calin IulianROU0SARATA
4Chifoi AndreiROU0CUCUETI
6Dolis IulianROU0SARATA
7Irimia IonutROU0SOLONT
8Parfenie MadalinROU0SOLONT
9Porosnicu BiancaROU0SOLONT
10Pralea RazvanROU0SOLONT
11Ungurasu FlorinROU0SOLONT
12Ungurasu MadalinaROU0SOLONT
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