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Campeonato Nacional Liga A 2018

Last update 13.02.2019 17:18:14, Creator/Last Upload: mosambique chess-federation

Starting rank list of players

1CMPaiva Donaldo14800098MOZ2211
3FMCalicoca Wilton Inacio14800268MOZ2137
4CMChunguane Ilidio Alberto14800276MOZ2055
2CMAbrantes Persson14800063MOZ2043
5Gafar Izdine14800500MOZ1930
6Botao Milton14800489MOZ1871
7Cherene Joao Jefu14801558MOZ1810
8Vasco Mateus Felizardo Viageiro14800403MOZ1779
9Sande Avertino14800284MOZ1734
10Rafael Chirinza14800764MOZ1637