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Lighthouse Inter-Schools Chess Tournament 2019 Under 18

Last update 26.01.2019 17:00:15, Creator/Last Upload: james mwangi

Starting rank

1Mcligeyo Robert10814647KEN1390Logos Christian School
2Abdulkhakim Salim NaimKEN0Light Academy
3Ahmed DanishKEN0Aga Khan High School
4Hamid AbdallahKEN0Aga Khan High School
5Makwana NikilKEN0Aga Khan High School
6Malombe Leon10812849KEN0Sirio School
7Mufta MuhhammadKEN0Aga Khan High School
8Mukarram MustafaKEN0Aga Khan High School
9Ngao Isaiah10812865KEN0Sirio School
10Afif SwabirKEN0Aga Khan High School
11Ramesh DavenKEN0Aga Khan High School
12Vijay ChiraqKEN0Aga Khan High School
13Yusuf NawalKEN0wAga Khan High School