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Last update 27.01.2019 19:47:10, Creator/Last Upload: chess club of gazi in heraklion of crete

Starting rank

1Kazakos Nikolaos25833146GRE1377ΟΦΗ
2Saklampanakis Dimitrios25856308GRE1338ΟΦΗ
3Farsaris Micail25850679GRE1188ΟΑΑ "ΗΡΑΚΛΕΙΟ"
4Roditakis Emmanouil25838083GRE1175ΟΦΗ "2000"
5Kealar Ioannis25838415GRE1135ΟΑΑ "ΗΡΑΚΛΕΙΟ"
6Alexandrakis Athanasios25818457GRE1095ΣΚΑΚΙΣΤΙΚΗ ΑΚΑΔΗΜΙΑ ΓΑΖΙΟΥ
7Anastasakis Vasileios Georgios25856260GRE1083ΟΑΑ "ΗΡΑΚΛΕΙΟ"
8Argyriadis Nikolaos25876783GRE916Π.Ο.Α.
9Diamantis Aggelos25874390GRE879ΣΟ ΛΕΩΝ ΚΑΝΤΙΑ "LEON CANDIA"
10Daskalakis Emmanouil25891464GRE830ΟΦΗ "2000"
11Panagiotakis Aimilios25898990GRE830Π.Ο.Α.
12Antonakakis GeorgiosGRE0ΟΦΗ "2000"
13Beis RafailGRE0
14Charalabakis ArisGRE0
15Lianeris Sifis25851233GRE0Π.Ο.Α.
16Makris Georgios 4799625868608GRE0Π.Ο.Α.
17Markakis MaximosGRE0
18Nyktaris Minas42113296GRE0
19Patroudakis DimitriosGRE0
20Psikakos Nikitas25859960GRE0ΟΦΗ "2000"
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