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Προκριματικά Νομού Χανίων αγοριών κάτω των 12

Last update 27.01.2019 18:42:24, Creator/Last Upload: greek chess federation

Starting rank

1Paraskakis Filippos25829734GRE1379
2Violakis Anastasios25840070GRE1355
3Sampanis Athanasios25851160GRE1309
4Aleiferis Ioannis25829351GRE1244
5Christodoulakis Michail25818155GRE1229
6Tzemanakis Grigoris25836102GRE1168
7Theodoroglakis Ioannis25861441GRE1125
8Georgiakakis Nikolaos25818368GRE1063
9Kontadakis Daniil25861476GRE834
10Batsakis Panagiotis25838342GRE0
11Kalogeris Eleftherios25851411GRE0
12Konsolakis IoannisGRE0
13Latos Antonios25882139GRE0
14Meletiou Aris25861344GRE0
15Paterakis Nikolaos Na25861395GRE0
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