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Voința Chess Weekend No. 3, Satu Mare, 19-20 ianuarie 2019

Last update 16.01.2019 18:16:15, Creator/Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 17)

Starting rank

1IIFerentiu Raul-Florin1244078ROU1583Css Viitorul Cluj-Napoca
2IICiorba Mihai1267337ROU1505Cs Tinerii Maestri Bucuresti
3AFMMaresanu Mina-Andrei1275534ROU1476Cs Vointa Satu Mare
4IIHejja Adam-Peter1253328ROU1418Cs Unio Satu Mare
5ITorok-Brandusan Darius1280813ROU1353Cs Vointa Satu Mare
6IIFoitos Angelo-Marian1258532ROU1342Cs Unio Satu Mare
7IITabacaru Gabriel-Sergiu1286200ROU1335Cs Vointa Satu Mare
8IIBradeanu Mihai-Darius1286056ROU1219Cs Unio Satu Mare
9FCDita Paul-Antoniu1288792ROU1200Cs Universitatea Agora Sport C
10FCShannat Fady1290185ROU1176Cs Vointa Satu Mare
11IIDorogi Dominik-Laslo1280767ROU1150Cs Unio Satu Mare
12IVDragos Ioana1285980ROU1128Cs Unio Satu Mare
13IIDavid Andrei-Alexandru1290231ROU1087Cs Unio Satu Mare
14IIBorca Vasile-Daniel1280260ROU1070Cs Unio Satu Mare
15IISandor Denis-Raul1275445ROU1069Asociatia Sah Club Bistrita
16FCDudas Andrei1286072ROU1043Cs Unio Satu Mare
17IICozma Cezara-Andreea1280759ROU1022Cs Unio Satu Mare
18IVFerentiu Mara-Ioana1277561ROU1025Css Viitorul Cluj-Napoca
19FCPop Rafaela-Iasmina1275801ROU1012Cs Unio Satu Mare
20FCSzegedy Szabolcs1287672ROU1006Cs Unio Satu Mare
21IVHejja David-Miklos1286790ROU1002Cs Unio Satu Mare
22FCDita Luca-Valentin1288857ROU1001Cs Universitatea Agora Sport C
23FCMaier Alexandru SeverROU1001Cs Unio Satu Mare
24FCMarc Claudiu1266365ROU1001Cs Vointa Satu Mare
25FCMarc Crina-Maria1280775ROU1001Cs Vointa Satu Mare
26FCZvenyak Johanna-RitaROU1001Cs Unio Satu Mare