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5è Obert del formatge

Darrera actualització18.02.2019 22:13:48, Creador/Darrera càrrega: jaume gallart zafra

Rànquing inicial

1Gonzalez Verges AlexESP2316Tres Peons C.E.
2MKGallart Zafra JaumeESP2302Tres Peons C.E.
3MKFernandez-Diaz Mascort MiquelESP2213Hospitalet Bellvitge Club D'es
4Cardenas Fernando AdrianESP2130Tres Peons C.E.
5Vargas Drechsler CarlosESP2091Tres Peons C.E.
6Solsona Olive XavierESP1998Tres Peons C.E.
7Reixach Ministral EduardESP1989Tres Peons C.E.
8Lleyda Naval JustoESP1965Tres Peons C.E.
9Marquinez Costa VictorESP1957Tres Peons C.E.
10Berlanda GiuseppeESP1929Tres Peons C.E.
11Sanfeliu Lopez JaumeESP1898Tres Peons C.E.
12Rami Guix MiguelESP1868Tres Peons C.E.
13Orriols Codina JoanCAT1823Tres Peons C.E.
14Marti Camaros DanielCAT1794Tres Peons C.E.
15Casabona Fina DavidESP1749Tres Peons C.E.
16Bonil Marti XavierESP1740Tres Peons C.E.
17Trozzi OresteESP1700Tres Peons C.E.
18Molina Tabernero JordiCAT1661Tres Peons C.E.
19Shenkel AlbertoCAT1610Tres Peons C.E.