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A.Margaryan 9th Memorial - RR

Last update 16.01.2019 13:36:57, Creator/Last Upload: chess academy of armenia-2017

Starting rank list of players

5IMSychev Klementy4114060RUS2537
10GMSturua Zurab13600095GEO2533
7GMBabujian Levon13301993ARM2488
3IMGholami Aryan12513342IRI2488
4FMPetriashvili Nikoloz13611216GEO2479
2GMMikaelyan Arman13304852ARM2474
1FMDavtyan Artur13308327ARM2396
9Barseghyan Armen Ar.13306707ARM2380
8WFMSargsyan Anna M.13308130ARM2339
6Sargsyan Tigran R.13311328ARM2332