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21. ASKÖ Amstettner Jugendschnellschachturnier 19

Last update 02.09.2019 09:13:17, Creator/Last Upload: winfried wadsack

Starting rank list of players

1Schiller Jan1339111668498AUT13260Sv Amstetten
3Schwarz Felix1315071666495AUT13151229Su Bad Leonfelden
5Goigitzer Gerald1330541657798AUT12070Sc Eisgarn
4Schwarz Rene1315081666509AUT11451451Su Bad Leonfelden
10Heimberger Markus Alexander129891AUT11300Ask St. Valentin
7Böhm Lisa-Marie133083AUT10350wSk Litschau
9Schwarz Timo138011AUT10160Su Bad Leonfelden
6Tüchler Jan131302AUT9920Bsg Union Mauer
2Wadsack Magdalena1305601648306AUT9600wSv Amstetten
11Huschka Leon Andrey135804AUT9440Ask St. Valentin
8Molerova Marketa1348921666304AUT9180wSk Litschau
12Movilean Emanuel139483AUT00Sv Amstetten
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