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Reykjavik Chess Congress 2019 Skákþing Reykjavíkur 2019

Last update 03.02.2019 18:28:47, Creator/Last Upload: icelandic chess federation

Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2 Rp
1GMGretarsson Hjorvar Steinn2560ISL 48b1 5w1 15b½ 27w1 12b1 3w1 6b1 2w½ 8b18,048,051,52480
2IMKjartansson Gudmundur2424ISL 32w1 26b1 11b½ 14w1 7b1 13w1 1b½ 6w17,545,550,02455
3FMStefansson Vignir Vatnar2248ISL 45b1 16w1 8b1 11w1 1b0 7w1 4b½ 9w½6,548,052,02312
4Viglundsson Bjorgvin2092ISL 44w1 29b1 8w½ 5b1 6w0 17b1 3w½ 12b16,546,050,02227
5Ragnarsson Johann1984ISL 54w1 1b0 42w1 29b1 4w0 31b½ 26w1 23b1 11w16,543,046,02045
6FMBjornsson Sigurbjorn2296ISL 30b1 19w1 18b1 12w1 7w0 4b1 1w0 10b1 2b06,050,054,52289
7FMKjartansson David2403ISL 42w1 17b1 15w1 6b1 2w0 3b0 9w½ 19b16,047,552,02269
8Olafsson Thorvardur2199ISL 40b1 39w1 4b½ 3w0 32b1 11w1 14b1 12w½ 1w06,046,550,02173
9Omarsson Dadi2252ISL 28w1 16b½ 19w1 13b½ 27w1 7b½ 3b½6,043,548,02178
10Jonsson Gauti Pall2070ISL 51w1 37b1 11w0 22b½ 25w1 21b1 6w0 20b16,040,544,01901
11Ingvason Johann2175ISL 43b1 25w1 10b1 2w½ 3b0 8b0 16w1 18w1 5b05,548,552,52120
12WGMPtacnikova Lenka2187ISL 33w1 23b1 14w1 6b0 1w0 22b1 24w1 8b½ 4w05,547,051,52129
13Briem Stephan1987ISL 36b1 31w1 18b1 9w½ 2b0 19w½ 14b½5,544,048,52081
14Birkisson Bjorn Holm2078ISL 49b1 20w1 12b0 21w1 2b0 39w1 8w0 22b1 13w½5,544,048,52025
15Bergsson Stefan2172ISL 46w1 22b1 1w½ 7b0 23w0 30b1 29w15,543,047,02054
16Haraldsson Haraldur1969ISL 50b1 9w½ 3b0 28w½ 48b1 20w1 11b0 21w1 17b½5,541,545,01949
17Petursson Gudni2045ISL 41b1 7w0 20b1 25w½ 30b½ 49w1 4w0 38b1 16w½5,541,045,01876
18Fridjonsson Julius2159ISL 47b1 31w1 6w0 23b1 13w0 26b½ 37w1 11b0 33w15,539,543,01849
19Baldvinsson Loftur1925ISL 52w1 6b0 44w1 9b0 28w1 31b1 13b½ 7w05,041,044,51923
20Fridthjofsson Sigurjon Thor1699ISL 59w1 14b0 17w0 36b1 35w1 16b0 34w1 27b1 10w05,039,542,01646
21Briem Benedikt1868ISL 62w1 14b0 33w1 38b1 10w0 16b0 40w15,039,041,01786
22Haraldsson Sigurjon1824ISL 61b1 15w0 35b1 10w½ 12w0 48b1 14w0 38b15,038,541,01799
23Valtysson Thor1901ISL 58b1 12w0 61b1 18w0 28b½ 40w1 15b1 5w0 24b½5,038,541,01821
24Baldursson Haraldur1944ISL 34w½ 49b1 41w1 27b0 30w1 12b0 33b½ 23w½5,037,541,51688
25Finnsson Johann Arnar1761ISL 55w1 11b0 57w1 17b½ 38w½ 10b0 33w0 44b1 37w15,035,538,01616
26Einarsson Oskar Long1743ISL 35b1 2w0 33b½ 34w1 18w½ 5b0 32w½ 28b½4,542,546,01680
27Kristinsson Ogmundur1988ISL 45w½ 53b1 38w1 1b0 24w1 9b0 20w0 32b½4,542,046,01793
28Briem Hedinn1617ISL 9b0 50w1 16b½ 23w½ 19b0 36w1 42b½ 26w½4,539,543,01747
29Eliasson Kristjan Orn1791ISL 60b1 4w0 34b1 5w0 49b0 47w½ 50b1 35w1 15b04,538,541,01508
30Jonatansson Sigurdur Freyr1658ISL 6w0 54b½ 53w1 45b1 17w½ 24b0 39b½ 15w0 52w14,538,041,01690
31Heidarsson Arnar1740ISL 56w1 18b0 37w1 13b0 41b1 5w½ 19w0 40b½ 34w½4,538,040,51555
32Thorsson Pall1706ISL 2b0 58w1 54b1 8w0 37b0 46w1 26b½ 27w½4,537,540,01667
33Haile Batel Goitom1549ISL 12b0 58w½ 63b1 26w½ 21b0 41w1 25b1 24w½ 18b04,537,038,51698
34Sigurdsson Elvar Mar0ISL 38w½ 24b½ 29w0 44b1 26b0 51w1 20b0 47w1 31b½4,535,539,51681
35Gudmundsson Bjarni Thor0ISL 26w0 51b1 22w0 42b+ 20b0 44b1 43w½ 29b0 49w+4,534,538,01552
36Sigfusson Ottar Orn Bergmann1275ISL 13w0 42b0 56w1 20w0 55b1 28b0 57w1 48b14,532,034,51465
37Sverrisson Kristjan Th0ISL -1 10w0 31b0 47w½ 42b1 32w1 18b0 39w½ 25b04,038,542,51717
38Fridthjofsdottir Sigurl. Regina1710ISL 34b½ 63w1 27b0 40w1 25b½ 21w0 47b1 17w0 22w04,037,038,51585
39Jonsson Olafur Gisli1806ISL 57w1 8b0 41w0 51b1 43w1 14b0 30w½ 37b½ -04,036,539,01546
40Valdimarsson Johann1577ISL 8w0 52b1 38b0 54w1 23b0 57w+ 31w½ 21b04,036,039,01597
41Thorisson Benedikt1363ISL 17w0 48w1 39b1 24b0 31w0 33b0 61w1 43b½ 42w½4,036,038,51637
42Vignisson Ingvar Egill1660ISL 7b0 36w1 5b0 35w- 37w0 55w1 62b1 28w½ 41b½4,036,038,01484
43Gudmundsson Thordur1548ISL 11w0 62b1 39b0 50w½ 35b½ 41w½ 45w½4,034,036,01392
44Bjarnason Larus H1519ISL 4b0 60w1 19b0 34w0 52b1 35w0 58b1 25w0 57b14,033,035,51325
45Olafsson Arni1301ISL 27b½ 3w0 55b1 30w0 50b½ 48w0 54b½ 58w1 43b½4,032,034,51494
46Sigurvaldason Hjalmar1528ISL 15b0 61w0 50b½ 59w1 32b0 51w½ 54b14,030,032,51378
47Ponzi Tomas1527ISL 18w0 57b0 62w1 37b½ 58w1 29b½ 38w0 34b0 55w14,029,531,51307
48Gardarsson Hordur1667ISL 1w0 41b0 52w1 61b1 16w0 45b1 22w0 49b½ 36w03,539,041,51497
49Alexandersson Orn1512ISL 14w0 56b1 24w0 57b1 29w1 17b0 -0 48w½ 35b-3,536,038,51656
50Skarphedinsson Ingvar Wu1247ISL 16w0 28b0 46w½ 53b1 45w½ 43b½ 29w0 52b0 63b13,534,035,51387
51Jonsson Kristjan Dagur1455ISL 10b0 35w0 60b1 39w0 61w1 34b0 -0 46b½ 59w13,531,534,01283
52Moller Tomas1226ISL 19b0 40w0 48b0 63w1 44w0 60b1 50w1 30b03,529,531,01375
53Omarsson Adam1168ISL 27w0 30b0 50w0 59b- -1 -0 56b1 58w13,529,031,01347
54Valsson Arnar1249ISL 5b0 30w½ 59b1 32w0 40b0 57w- 45w½ 61b+ 46w03,033,536,01378
55Thoroddsen Anna Katarina1025ISL 25b0 45w0 36w0 42b0 -1 62w1 47b03,031,533,51181
56Ofeigsson Daniel Freyr0ISL 31b0 49w0 36b0 60w0 -1 61w- 63b1 53w0 61b+3,027,529,01026
57Helgadottir Asthildur1065ISL 39b0 47w1 25b0 49w0 54b+ 40b- 36b0 44w02,534,537,51294
58Thorisson Bjartur1202ISL 23w0 33b½ 32b0 59w1 47b0 60w1 44w0 45b0 53b02,532,535,01247
59Omarsson Josef0ISL 20b0 54w0 58b0 53w+ 46b0 -0 60w1 51b02,528,531,01090
60Berndsen Soffia Arndis1042ISL 29w0 44b0 51w0 56b1 58b0 52w0 59b0 62w12,527,029,01106
61Sharifa Rayan1164ISL 22w0 46b1 23w0 48w0 51b0 56b+ 41b0 54w- 56w-2,032,034,51350
62Helgadottir Idunn1201ISL 21b0 43w0 47b0 63w1 42w0 55b0 60b02,029,030,51081
63Kristbergsson Bjorgvin1058ISL 38b0 33w0 52b0 62b0 56w0 -1 50w02,027,028,5522

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)

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