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Helsingin mestaruus 2019, M-ryhmä

Last update 06.01.2019 15:26:16, Creator/Last Upload: finish chess federation (licence 20)

Starting rank list of players

1CMHeinola Vesa-Pekka1706063FIN2279VammSK
4Lindholm Jere508012FIN2196EtVaS
6MÅberg Tomi504254FIN2159Pässi
8MElomaa Arto506672FIN2141HSK
7FMSalimäki Janne502685FIN2131MatSK
3MKauppala Pekka500585FIN2063LauttSSK
5Aalto Patrik510726FIN2014MatSK
2FMKekki Jorma500267FIN2000AkaaS