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Hastings New Year pm A

Last update 04.01.2019 19:20:37, Creator/Last Upload: englishchessfederation

Starting rank

1HJORT Helge1436678DEN180Hendon
2CUTMORE David A410446ENG178Albany
3BATCHELOR Paul A404225ENG175Brighton & Hove
4LOWE DanielENG175
5ANSTEAD Jerry418277ENG171Tunbridge Wells
6MILLER George I343114090ENG168Keynsham
7RUBECK Jonathan435678ENG168Hendon
8FINN Thomas437115ENG166Sussex Juniors
9GUNDRY Arran K476412ENG166Banbury
10JENNINGS Richard2404435SCO165Scotland
11KELLY Paul J1801392WLS164Hastings & St Leonards
12NIEDERMAIER Barbara4653076GER163
13BLEWITT Stephen D442887ENG162Hastings & St Leonards
14KHOO-THWE Louis1538756NOR158Norway
15GARTSIDE Carl429945ENG157Clay Cross
16MCDONNELL James J2500787IRL156Streatham
17PARRY Jacques H425923ENG137London Ec/Wc *
18HEFFER Judith460800ENG136Bishops Stortford